Time Management

Making peace with time

Time is huge. Why? Because everything happens within the time. There is past, present and future time. People can get easily caught up with time. If you are too much in the past, it’s not good. If you are too much in the future it is not good as well. All happens within the now.

Those that call themselves high achievers, like me, I think they struggle with time a lot.

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People want a lot of things to get done in this century. If you are one of them, and it seems like there is no enough time for everything that you want to do, stick with me here, and I’ll help you with that, finally find a peace.

β€œNever be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.” β€”Saint Francis de Sales Source

Make a peace with time

Straight to the point

It is overwhelming, I know, but if you decide to change your bed sheets, and it is time to do that, why would you think cooking?

We can’t do two things at the same time. One task at the time. Which one is more important?Β  Food or clean sheets? Food. Then do the food. Only after full belly, change your bed sheets, and then take a nap πŸ˜€

Be fully present in whatever you do. Think what you do. Watch what you do. Don’t think cooking while you doing your bed. We are not wired to multitask.

I will never forget when I heard Jim Rohn saying how when he was in the office, he was thinking beach with his kids, but when he was at the beach with his kids, he was thinking office. You see now how this is broken? Who does that? Only those that can’t be in the present moment and struggling with their values.

Time is the most valuable commodity

So precious that you are unable to buy more. Once lost, it can never be replenished. Time is also the commodity that is most often wasted by people. -Simon Sinek Source

Really see time as the most valuable commodity. You are never going to be able get back the time. Once used, it will never return, so use it wisely.

Are you big on time? Trying to make the most in time and you really want to be productive? Then continue to read carefully.

Let’s say you wake up hour and a half before you need to leave the house. You have an hour and half to get yourself ready for that task.

First determine and get clear on why you need to go there, what are you going to do, how you are going to do it, who else is going to be there, how long will last, what do you need to bring, and so on and so forth.

What is the next important thing I should be doing

Always ask yourself this question. What is important to me and how should I prepare myself for this place that I am going to.

Do I need to get a shower? Is it important? What should I wear? Is it convenient? …

First, get yourself all dressed up for example, and only then do the jewelry. When you go to the bathroom, do all the bathroom stuff.

If you are in the kitchen, do all the kitchen stuff. While you are waiting for water to boil, make yourself a breakfast, take a bite and prepare the food that you are going to bring with you.

Videos are best on that. Nothing can’t explain you better than the video, better than the written word. I hope video above will explain you better about the time, and how to make a peace with it.

Slowing down will also help you. Don’t do anything in the rush. Practice being in the present moment.

Let’s say you are cutting your vegetables for the dinner. Feel the water washing peppers. Watch how your hands go putting them on a cutting board, take knife, feel the cut… This is being in the present moment. We all think it’s only about cutting vegetables, but there are whole range of the preparations before that cutting act. I hope you get the point?!

You are already successful

Don’t be worry about time. Time is only illusion and we are only passengers.

It is really only about finding what is working for you, that’s all. For me, doing one task at a time really works, it makes me feel I have control over me and the time. It is really that simple.

Are you doing To-do lists?

To-do lists are bunch of ****. We are not machines. We are not meant to make endless lists of the things we need to get done. Luckily, I stopped making to-do lists long before. It made me feel terrible. Sometimes, I didn’t feel like doing some things, and I would usually postpone it, and then make another one, rewrite it, for the day after. Stop doing to-do lists and your are going to feel new born, happy, free and alive.

Did it helped you a little bit this post? Again, don’t worry, just relax. You can even chant yourself these words: “relax”, “relax”, “relax”, “trust” πŸ˜€


The fact that you want to make the best out of time, you are already successful. Many people on this planet waste their time, you are not one them, and you are never going to be, so relax.

Do one task at the time. If you are washing your hands, then wash your hands, and from that point on, when you finish washing and drying your hands, you can ask yourself: “What is the next really important move?”