How beliefs affect behaviour

What you believe you can achieve you will. If you are not believing that you can achieve something, you won’t. It is that simple!

For example: you don’t believe you can find a partner of your dreams, and even, somebody like him or her, doesn’t even exist. You are not going to go to search for him or her anyway. What you believe you can, you will, if you don’t believe something you can, you won’t.

It is a rocket science, ha? It is not! It is the law of life. If you want to read about “The game of life and how to play it” purchase a book through this link. (not affiliate link)

“I can believe things that are true and things that aren’t true and I can believe things where nobody knows if they’re true or not.” Source

Example 2

Let’s say you wanted to be an entrepreneur for years, but somehow it happened that you always stayed working for somebody else. Why? Because you didn’t know how. You didn’t believe you can!

After a years of struggling for somebody else, you finally got courage to quit the jobs for good, and become full time entrepreneur. Why? Because you finally started to believe in yourself.

You can also build belief. Which belief you wan’t to build? Make a list of the beliefs you want to build and start working on them.

Story about wanting to be an entrepreneur for years, and finally becoming one of them is my story.

If you wan’t to hear how I finally quit my job, and became full time entrepreneur you can watch here:

Our subconscious core beliefs affects our behavior, our thoughts creates our emotions and emotions create the reality that we live in. Emotional healing guru

Example 3

Your mother is working in retail for years, and her boss doesn’t respect her. Her big passion is flowers and she want’s to quit her job and start flower business. One day she finally said goodbye to her boss, and she is jumping into unknown about growing flowers.

She is struggling for years to grow that business, but something always push her to not to stop, her belief that she can. This is the power of belief in herself, and ability to put this business on the healthy foot. And so she did.

She believed she could so she did.
She believed she could so she did.

What causes us to make decision in life?

We make decisions according to our ability to follow through, and beliefs that we can, passion for whatever that we want to accomplish in life.

Decisions must be made in life, because if you don’t, you are going to be tapping at the same place for years, feeling miserable, and nobody want’s that.

To make decisions in life, you need to first know what you want. Make a list of the things you really want, the life that you want to live, how do you want to feel, and so on.

Schedule some time for that. For example, set an alarm clock for an hour, prepare notebook and a pen, or piece of paper, and start to write. Really focus on the things you want to accomplish, and write them down immediately.

Do you need to believe in all your dreams?

No, not necessarily. Nobody believed in all that they started 100% and that is O.K. Your belief in the thing that you do is going to grow exponentially, it will grow over time. The more you are going to work on your project, the more you are going to develop belief in yourself that you actually can.

And belief will affect behavior.

The power of belief is amazing post that people loved. It is literally powerful. To believe in something that is serving us, or will serve us, things that we really want to achieve, is very powerful.

“You have to believe. Otherwise, it will never happen.”
― Neil Gaiman, Stardust

I invite you to really find the way to change your beliefs in order to achieve more in your life.

How you can do that?

First of, I found amazing course on udemy.com There is a course on that, can you believe it. People are teaching you how to change your core beliefs, beliefs that doesn’t serve you anymore, and beliefs that you want to change. Here is the course that you may want to attend. It is 1 hour on demand video, and 16 downloadable resources that will help you change your beliefs.

How I would do that?


  1. Make a list of the things in life you want to change or improve
  2. Briefly describe why you think these things doesn’t work for you
  3. Work on changing those beliefs that you can by researching how you can improve that area

You need to be able to see first in your minds eye

We don’t accomplish something that we believe we cannot do, and so, if we don’t see ourselves reaching that goal, we won’t go after that goal in the first place.

Whatever that you wan’t to achieve in your life, see yourself achieving that goal already.

Let?t say you want to be an author, see yourself writing, creating that content. See yourself creating front page of the book, finding publisher, a person that is going to correct the grammar, promote the book, customers buying it, sending you feedback about how you have helped them through your book, see all of that. It is crucial to become an author.

How you can do it?

whatever that you do, all throughout the day, see yourself in it, watch yourself smiling, being satisfied, enjoying life… See yourself thriving.

What do you think about that? How belief affect behavior? Does this Blog Post helped you realize how our belief systems are important in life? What it it that you want to achieve in this life, and how you are planning to do that?

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Million thanks!

Love, Maja.


Who Are We

I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.”

We are the beings first and foremost, the human one, then such a fragile thing.

I just read in a post about the girl that had a car accident. Thankfully she is O.K., but what she was saying in the post, is something that is worth reading over and over again.

We take our lives and our home called Earth for granted. We don”t know how to be appreciative for what we already have, and we always strive for more.

Don”t get me wrong, wishing and wanting for more is a good thing, but how you handle the things that you already have? Are you appreciative about them?

Think about the things that you abandoned for some time in your life. Is this thing going to work in your favor? Of course not! Because you abandoned them! Everything loves to be wanted.

Story time

I remember a time, during this pandemic. My sister was flying home, and she went to the airport with a bike, only with a backpack. Yet, she didn”t know that she is not going to return back for a months, and the bike kept there, alone, waiting for her to be driven again.

But the bike didn”t work well once she sat on it. Why? Because this thing wasn”t in use!!!

Now, what bike has to do with the answer on who we really are? It has everything!

We are beings of the movement. If we don”t use our body, we are going to shrink. We need to take better care of ourselves on a daily basis. We are emotional, spiritual, and the beings of the movement.

You need to feed yourself on every aspect, because if you don”t, you are going to shrink. You are going to shrink in misery.

I liked this video. It is just one tiny part of who we really are. It is easy to say, that I am only Irish, but I am, and you are, so much more. Agree or agree?

We the human beings are the most creative species on the earth than any other . We have mind which can do anything. Anything means anything, and our scope is this much wide that we have already proven by making everything possible by just observing falling an Apple (yeah I am talking about GREAT NEWTON ), a journey started from Apple and never gonna end.

This proves that human being have no limit we just want hints and rest we can do.

We’ve built machines that can fly. Ignite fire at will, produce electricity, talk to someone on the other side of the world and not be connected to any wires or cables. Created vehicles that can travel faster than the speed of sound, while others have carried us to a nearby planet.  Source

Compelling and original, Innate will change the way you think about why and how we are who we are.

What makes you the way you are―and what makes each of us different from everyone else? In Innate, leading neuroscientist and popular science blogger Kevin Mitchell traces human diversity and individual differences to their deepest level: in the wiring of our brains.

We are Creators

I love love the channell on Youtube “You are Creators”. I learned so much from the Justin Perry https://www.instagram.com/youarecreators/?hl=en (Instagram Page).

He is going to teach you everything from how to visualize, manifest, about feelings and emotions, how to work on your goals, law of attraction. He is also Metaphysical teacher and Investor.

I highly recommend to follow this guy, who is going to show you and teach you who we really are.

We are Gods

I can tell you whatever I want, but please, you take whatever you feel like believing, or what resonates with you. Only make sure that this is serving you. Whatever you believe in for who we really are, make sure that serves you in your life, that makes you a better person.

We all have a different ideas about who we really are.

God cares a lot more about who we are and who we are becoming than about who we once were.

What kinda resonates with you? Which of those things that I mentioned above you can relate the most? Creators, beings of the movement, or just an Irish, American? How would you describe human beings?
  • I am chosen of God, holy and dearly loved. Colossians 3:12
  • God works in me to help me do the things He wants me to do Philippians 2:13
  • I can ask God for wisdom and He will give me what I need. James 1:5 Source

We are the expressions of the Supreme Creator, just like anything else in this creation.

Human body is perhaps the most highly sophisticated biological mechanism on this planet.

Humans have five sensations namely, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling.

Besides these sensations they have thought and memory.

Using these sensations and thoughts, human beings have created smart phones, computers, airplanes and the GPS besides numerous other great scientific and technological achievements.

The human beings also have a mysterious faculty called as intuition.

This intuition can infer realities that are beyond our five sensations.

X rays, light waves, gravity, time, space, electricity, magnetism etc. etc. that are all beyond our five senses but humans have inferred these realities by the effects they have on totality that are within the domain of our five senses.

Thoughts and memory themselves are beyond our five senses and they do not produce any effects on totality but our ALIVENESS can perceive thoughts and memory.

This shows that our ALIVENESS is subtler than thought and memory which are themselves subtler than the sub atomic particles.

Sub atomic particles have been detected but not thought or memory.

This in a nutshell is a human being.

What the human being knows till date is pitiably little compared to what he still does not know about this cosmos.

The scientists are working very hard to discover as much of the secrets of this cosmos as can be detected using our five sensations and intuition, but we will always fall short because these are very limited faculties.

The mystics have gone inward and discovered that our ALIVENESS is not a material object but it is a no-thing mysterious LIGHT that is nameless, formless, dimension-less, non-local and non-temporal and is in fact identical with the CREATOR HIMSELF.

So on the side of the mystics, humans know their identity with the CREATOR and on the side of the scientists, humans have discovered a lot of natural laws but together we have a very long way to go to discover all the secrets of this creation and it does not look like we will ever be able to do it.

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How to trust the universe

Every time you struggle with trusting somebody, or trusting God, Universe, whatever, you should first ask yourself: “Do I trust me?”

And that should be your number one question that you need to ask yourself first. “Do I trust me?”

If anything you want to achieve in life, you need to first become it, and then just BE it. It is that simple!!!

Here is amazing article from the Deepak Chopra about 9 tips to release control and trust the Universe.

It”s all about emotions.

Your emotions are your guidance system. If you feel bad, that just means you are not trusting it. If you feel good, you have belief in it, and you are leaning towards it. It is like a magnet!

Wishing for something, but not believing in it, you are never going to get it. Do you now understand the importance of trusting, having faith and belief? It is huge!

Every action that you take, will lead you towards where you have to end up. So why bother?! Make sure to take massive, and from the point of belief action.

I singed now out loud the song with Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston that I love so much. It is about the belief in yourself, belief in God, belief in the Universe, belief that you deserve all the good that life has to offer. By the way, this is one of my favorite affirmations.

“I am worthy of all the good that life has to offer.”

Here is the song that I highly recommend you listen on a daily basis. It is so powerful.

How to surrender to the Universe.

Have you heard a story of the Oprah Winfrey, when she wanted to play a role in the movie “Color Purple”? I think that’s what it was called.

She wanted to be an actress in this movie so badly, and she was doing everything necessary for her to play in the movie.

Basically, she came to the point when nothing seemed to work, and she gave up. She just stopped doing the things, and at that time, her famous song to sing was “I surrender all”.

After some time, maybe even the same day, she received the call from the producer, asking her to come to play in the movie. She was stunned! Isn”t that fascinating? The thing came to her, when she “Let go”.

We don”t know what is going to happen in the next 5 minutes, when we surrender all. We basically let go, and let God!

Here is her amazing story about how to surrender and let go. I like to come to this story once in a while, just to strengthen my belief in the universe:

Trust the universe and go with the flow.

This morning, I woke up at 3 AM with a crazy idea, that we are here only passengers. We are only passing through this life, and that we are only tiny dots in this vast Universe.

It kinda reduced my ego a lot, knowing that nobody is even gonna remember me in a 100 years time.

Laying down in the dark, in the middle of the night, seeing nothing but the dark, and the room that you are in, you came to realization what life truly is.

It is such a fragile thing. You never know what is gonna happen in a 5 minutes time.

So, to trust the Universe, know that you are so loved to be a part of this experience called life. That you have some purpose and meaning to fulfill.

Before you were born, there was the whole world that existed, a history so rich, and look in what we evolved now. Then you happened, for some reason and purpose, because Universe needed you to help other people.

We all feed off each other.

We are only passing through.

Every time you complain, you are not trusting it. When you say it”s hard, you are not believing in it. Every time you are not feeling good, you don”t believe in the process. Know that everything worthwhile takes time, and it is a process.


Meditation can make you aware of your thought. It can shift you in the moment NOW. You hear your breathing, you feel your heart pumping, and these are only two things in the many how you can trust the Universe. Because if you feel only these two things now, there is no tomorrow to worry, and there is no yesterday to blame. I really hope you understand.

You can”t just lay down.

We are the beings of the movement. You can”t expect to trust the Universe, and laying down on the beach. Don”t get me wrong, relaxing is a good thing, but doing nothing, is not going to get you where you want to be. You need to work for it!

What you put in, comes back to you. It is the law!

To sum it all up: The best way to trust the universe is to learn to trust yourself. Rather than just indiscriminately repeating the mantra “let go,” get curious about what specifically is preventing you from stepping up. And then let go of that specific thought, belief, assumption or whatever it is. Source

So do you believe in yourself that you are going to make this thing work, whatever that is? Do you often times disappoint yourself and you not follow through?

Answers to these questions will show you how much you trust yourself that you are going to follow through.

Actually pray.

Know that Universe has your back. You are here for the reason and purpose, and be grateful about that. You don’t need to know all the answers now. Just promise me, don”t stop asking for more.

Prayers are powerful. It is like letting go, and letting God. You are taking burden off off your back, and by praying, you are actually saying: “I am ready for more!”

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