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How To Have a Faith In Better Future

Future is inevitable, but you can always have a faith that everything will turn out at it’s best, because it will.

You will end up at the destination anyways, the question is, what destination. I truly believe there is something set in the stone for us, but in most cases, you choose how you are going to react on those situations.

I always say, I will better believe that there is some God who us guiding me, and have a faith in it, than not believing in it, and too late find out that there is something greater than us.


Admit to yourself, would you rather go through life having a faith, and feeling good about it, than realizing that there is a faith, but too late? You better believing now, because you will instantly feel better.

Future is the one that we pursue. I might change direction of my future within a minute. I might now stop writing, and start heading to completely another direction. It’s up to me, and up to you.

You can predict your future, only by creating it. You can predict your future! Only by deciding in what direction you wanna go, and stick to it. It is that simple!

To have a better future, you must wanting it so badly. By badly I think, to have obsession about it, until you find the way how, and start living it.

Faith is something that you can, and you need to practice in order to live faithfully, with peace of mind, and stress free. To have a faith that will everything turn out as it supposed to be, and with some greater purpose, is one of the highest and most powerful emotions that you can ever feel. But you need to work for it. You need to find a way to believe in it. And you need to take action. You need to take action in order to bring something to fruition.


Simply, ask yourself: “Would I feel better having or not having a faith in better future?” If your answer is:”Yes, I believe I would feel much better having a faith in better future.” then find a way for the evidence in better future. Study, for example, those that been through some challenges in their life and how they overcome it. You can read life transformative stories about people that now live completely another reality that they used to live. There is so many ways to learn from others. Be ready and your teacher will appear.

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Do you have a faith in not yet seen, or do you have to first see in order to believe? For me, believing is seeing. You need to first believe in order to see.

White Brothers believed there can be something as a airplane. They new they can do it, and now all humanity is flying around in that metal tube, eating peanuts somewhere in the sky, over the universe. They go to toilet, watch movies, do writing, internet surfing, all above us, somewhere way beyond the ground. They had a faith in the flying machine and people traveling all around world. This is so amazing!

I feel much better now having faith and finding evidence that I can. There are so many people walking on this planet not believing in themselves and that is so sad. You came on this planet earth with a reason, and you are loved, you are deeply loved. You wouldn’t come here if no one wanted you, no one believed in you. You are wanted, they believed in you, you are here for some greater reason. Why don’t you think faith and belief about yourself? Just the fact that you are here, walking on this planet, should make you feel better. Are you feeling better right now? Like, believe in yourself, no one else is going to believe in you, if you don’t believe in yourself. Everything comes from you. You decide how outside world is going to treat you. But you need to treat YOU!


Believing in yourself, having full trust and faith is something that is coming overtime. You can’t force it! But you need to work for it, and most important, wanting it so badly and finding a way to do it so.

I personally, couldn’t live more not having a faith, I got tired of playing small and worrying what other people think about me. It’s like a being in prison. It’s like a they are possessing you. It’s a hell. Literal!

Future will come. The question is what kind of future?! You and only you can create it, no one else for you. If you wait for somebody and expecting somebody else to believe in you, you will always need that somebody outside to believe in you. That is bullshit! Don’t ever need something from someone. Always have it for yourself first, always.


Faith is something beyond belief. It is like you know it. You don’t have tiny fraction about it. Now, how can you strengthen your faith, belief? Ask yourself? How can I have more belief in myself, world around me, things that I am going through right now? How can I be more faithful?

Think about it! Would you go for a thing not having faith, of course you wouldn’t. So you can’t have those beautiful things not having faith that you can do have it. I am asking you again..

Think about this. Imagine your relationship is falling apart, you lost the job, your kids got sick…would you feel better having a faith that everything will turn out at it’s best possible way? Of course you would. You would feel better in having a faith even though your relationship ended. So why don’t you find a way NOW to feel better, do whatever it takes, to have a faith.

Your better future in the reach of your hand. Just reach it! Open yourself up to it. Decide today that you are not going to live the life of misery and constant struggle. Take a deep breath. Relax. Breathe. What else is more important than you feeling better right now, every time, all the time. How amazing is that! Be in a constant peak state. That is our mission. To radiate, to glow, be positive, uplifting, fun, being inspiration to others. These are the highest emotions ever.

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Thinking Long Term

Many of us live like we are never going to get old, we are never going to be retired, and we are never going to die. I think, and this is I think, we should be conscious about our future and how we are going to spend that time.

Thinking long term is a powerful tool/way to take necessary and right steps towards the things we want. How cool it would be if we would know when we wanna be retired, where to be based, and how we wanna spend our retirement. And you can know all these things, but deciding today, and take today all the necessary actions to get to that direction/point in life.

Saving money is huge. Some people underestimate about saving money and putting on a side some small amount on every paycheck. They think that putting on a side just 5 euros monthly is not going to get them nowhere.

I love this video by Stefan James. He is my mentor, an example of how to be truly great at everything we do. Watch it here:


There is no shortage to anything. It takes time to achieve greatness. Tony Robbins once said: “Progress equals happiness.” It is all about process, because when you reach your goals, you will want to reach and achieve some other. Understand everything is a process, and you better enjoy it now.

“Deciding to commit yourself to long-term results rather than short-term fixes is as important as any decision you’ll make in your lifetime.”

It is about thinking long term. Giving value to others, and constantly trying to improve yourself. Practice talking with your family and friends long term. Practice asking your family and friends what do they want to achieve long term. What are their long term goals. Where do they see themselves long term. School that they go to, do they see themselves long term there.

What do you envision for yourself long term? What is the end goal? What is your long path?

Our good friend Google says this about the Thinking Long Term: Research suggests that thinking about the future—a process known as prospection—can help us lead more generous and fulfilled lives. Mindfulness is all the rage these days, and for good reason. Focusing on the moment can improve our well-being, foster compassion, and help our relationships.

Now you might be thinking…is it better to live in the present or think long term? It is necessary to think long term and it requires you to be in the present at the same time.

People don’t like the idea of thinking long term. Many are desperately seeking short term answers because they have money problems to be solved today. – Robert Kiyosaki

The essence of becoming a long term thinker is to spend more time thinking about the future than the present or the past. While it is obvious that we must live in the present, being too caught up in the present without regard to the future will lead to a future which is lacking in success.

Have you ever heard of: “What goes up, must come down.” I think, this applies just to a those that accumulate success and money very fast, but they might loose all that because they didn”t build their skills and knowledge about it. Success always seek for a good place to stay. You want consistency and steady growth in everything.


I mean, if the relationship can’t survive the long term, why on earth would it be worth my time and energy for the short term?

THIS is an amazing post about short and long term thinking. Please, read it through and tell me what you think.

I remember now reading a book called Mindset by Carol Dweck. It is an amazing book that teaches you the difference between Fixed and Growth Mindest. I like to buy my books over the Book Depository site. They have a hundreds of thousands books to choose from and they ship worldwide for free. You can search for a book here if you want. I highly recommend it.


Think about your retirement. Don”t you wanna retire early, so you can do whatever you want with yourself, with your life? You get to choose are you gonna work or not. You have that privilege of choosing whether you will work or not. Deciding and committing to save long term is huge as I already said, because whether you admit or not, you wanna be safe and free, and committing to long term saving is going to bring that safeness and freedom.

In short, with long term thinking, things will get easier down the road. With short term thinking, life will get harder down the road.

Short term thinking means bad leadership. because it causes long term problems.

I know that future now seems unreal, you cannot touch it, but it will come. It is not something now that you can see, but it will come to reality. If you cannot see now your future, doesn”t mean it doesn”t exist, so better think how your future should look like.

The power of intention is the book that will change the direction of every actions that you are going to take. It will make you think why are you doing what you are doing. Everything has consequences. The question is, why you are doing the things.

Think about it. The future will come. There is no question about it. What you put now in the day, it shall manifest tomorrow, in a week, month, a year, or 10 years. It must! That is the law. The question is, what are some of the actions that you took today?

I am very passionate about what I write as you can see. These are the things that blows my mind. It is something that is not visible, not tangible, but still, it is inevitable that will come into fruition. It must! Sou you better now decide how you future must look like, what are your values, preferences, wishes…

I am going to leave you now, and I want you to think long term, just decide what your future should look like and take every day all the necessary steps towards that.

Please, comment this post, share some of your thoughts about thinking long term, and subscribe for more amazing content in the future.

Love you all,



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How To Be More Self Aware

Why would you want to know who you are? Why would you want to know your talents, strengths and weaknesses? Why is important? Why would you care? Who should care?You should be your own best self! You should know who you are, so you can improve your weaknesses, work more on your talents, try to make the most out of your strengths.

Self-Awareness can make you feel more happy, because you are more aware of your actions, feelings and emotions. Your relationships can improve, you can better perform at work…

If you wanna develop self awareness you need to ask yourself some deep questions? Just ask! But yourself! This is the only way how you can get to know yourself better. Asking yourself questions at all times, on a daily basis.

“When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.”
― Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man

You can”t get away from yourself by moving from one place to another, is another quote by Ernest Hemingway that I love so much. It teaches us that all is within you. All your flaws and victories. People travel massively. They are being bored in their home country, and that is all right. But if you are not happy in your country, how can you be more happy in another? You can”t get away from yourself by moving from one place to another. You better know who you are!

You need to find yourself again. You need to forgive yourself and praise those victories. You need to know yourself better.

Yoga and meditation is one of the tools that can improve your self-awareness. I like it so much, especially meditation, and yoga of course (I don”t know which is more important to me), because it teaches me to be more self-aware of my thoughts, feelings, emotions, habits, actions, etc. Yoga is one of the self-aware tools to wake up your body, to be more awake in general.

Self awareness doesn”t stop you from making mistakes, it allows you to learn from them. You are not going to beat yourself up by making mistakes, rather, you will learn from them, accept them, and move on, try different approach.


When it comes to making mistakes, you are aware that this is a journey. The ones who are successful now, they made most mistakes, and you should know about that, be aware of it.

“It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters,”
― Amit Ray

Don”t compromise yourself. You”re all what you”ve got said Janis Joplin. Know who you are and you are going to be unstoppable. Do you know the saying: “Know Thyself”? It is knowing your core being. It is knowing why you are doing certain actions. etc.

You cannot move from one point to another (better one) if you are not aware of the situation that you are in now. You need to accept the situation you are in now. You need to look closely at the situation, what led you to here, how you ended up here, and how you are going to move on to next, again (better one).

Journaling is one of the best methods to get to know yourself better. What did they say, what it meant for you, how you felt about that, how did you responded to this. It is really great method to see what is going on underneath the surface for you.

Mindful activities. When you wash your hands. Shower. Feel that water on your body. Rubbing soap in hour hands. It is training you to be more mindful in other situations.

“I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing.”
― Socrates

Record yourself. 😀 How bad do you wanna to get to know yourself better? You can record just your voice, or record yourself whole, talking to camera. It is a great exercise to see how the world perceives you. Tonality of your voice and your face expressions are everything. You are going to better perform selling yourself, at a job interviews, you will have better communication in general, your relationships will improve.

Working on your perception you can deliver your message better. People will start taking you seriously. But with a poor posture and low tone of voice will not take you anywhere. Start acting like the most confident person, like the one who has all in his or her hands. That is working on yourself. Working on being more self aware.

“Wisdom tends to grow in proportion to one’s awareness of one’s ignorance.”– Anthony de Mello

How do you spend your free time? What excites you? When have you been last time in awe? What are your hobbies? Passions? How you are going to spend your time after reading this article? Who are you really? In what state of the emotions you are most of the time? Are you in a bad or a good mood most of the time?

What are the things that you don”t like about yourself? What are some of your mistakes that you regret about? Take a notebook and write it down. Things that you don”t like about yourself.

How to Become More Self-Aware Throughout Your Life
  1. Look at yourself objectively. …
  2. Keep a journal. …
  3. Write down your goals, plans, and priorities. …
  4. Perform daily selfreflection. …
  5. Practice meditation and other mindfulness habits. …
  6. Take personality and psychometric tests. …
  7. Ask trusted friends to describe you.
  8. Ask for feedback at work.

This is such a beautiful article by a person who beautifully describes self-awareness, what it is, how to achieve it, and it tells you that is all up to you, the mindset that you wake up with in the morning upon laying at night in the bed. So good! Read it!

I am going to bring you just one quote from this article that resonated with me the most. And it goes like this:

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. – Carl Jung

I really hope I inspired you and opened your eyes to the one more world inside you?! I hope I helped you discover more of who you truly are?!





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The Power of Repetition

What is repetition? How many times repeated to yourself some things in order to remember? How many times you listened a song on repetition? Even if you try hard to forget it, it is literally impossible, because it”s written on a back of your mind and will stay forever.

What google says on a first page about the repetition:

Definition of Repetition. Repetition is a literary device that repeats the same words or phrases a few times to make an idea clearer and more memorable. … As a rhetorical device, it could be a word, a phrase, or a full sentence, or a poetical line repeated to emphasize its significance in the entire text.

I will never forget when I had to remember a whole English alphabet in a song that we had to sing. I felt so stupid, because I couldn”t understand why are some people remembering quickly than me. To this day, I still remember how this English alphabet song goes. It is about being kind to yourself. Give yourself time to learn it, and know that as faster you can learn, faster you can forget about it, and go to play again. haha Have you had some difficulties in the past about remembering something for school? I am sure you had it.

How many of you are building your own businesses like I do? How many of you don”t know what are you doing and you ask yourself constantly is this the right thing you do? Will that led me to  the business I really want to run? Me all the time! It is about the repetition, about putting constantly time and effort in it. If you need to go through article and a video that will give you more clarity, do it. It is about the repetition! How bad do you want it and master it?

Repetition is a mother of skill.

It is same with our habits, and every day things that we do. How many times you got up from bed and you went to brush your teeth? Countless! Now, these days, you can do that with closed eyes. You know exactly what is the distance between bed and the door, where your toothbrush is placed, and how to go back to your room.

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If you wanna learn new skills, you need to make a good relationship with a repetition, and believe it is possible for you. Only masters at something know how important this is. It is being better every day at your craft. How bad do you want it? Never give up!

Most people say affirmations doesn”t work. That is a bunch of crap! Of course they do! Affirmations are positive or negative statements in another words. Statements, negative or positive, that you say to yourself on a daily basis become your truth. Which ones are you going to repeat? You can be very broke but fully happy. It is about what you saying to yourself on a daily basis being broke. It is what you do on repeat and say to yourself.

Repetition is a form of change.

What skills would you like to have and develop? I Thought about the book How To Win Friends and Influence People today and I wanted to remind myself how important it is to become a great communicator, make people like and trust you. These are the things that we often forget about how to be a great communicator. Not just this, but everything.

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I”ll never forget a day when I after a while sit on a bike and wanted to go someplace. It was terrible. I didn”t know what am I doing. The traffic was very bad and I got so angry and frustrated. I didn”t know how to behave on a road, and that is fine. Today, I can remain calm in all traffic situations, because I was repeatedly doing same things all over again, every time, and it became habit.

All the great achievers and athletes will tell you that it”s all about repetition. The question is: “How bad do you want it?” You need to be kind to yourself and give yourself time to learn, to develop. Nothing will come to you over night. Even successes over night started years before, but this is what you don”t see, you see only finished product.

A child didn’t learn how to talk and walk in a first week. A child learned to walk and talk through repetition, constant trial and error. He didn’t say: “That is not for me! I am not born to walk and talk like all of you!”

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It is about being kind to yourself. Give yourself time and know why are you doing it. Once you accomplish task that once been heavy you should celebrate. You need to give yourself permission to celebrate the accomplished. You need to clap yourself first.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny compared to what lies within us.”  – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The power of repetition is any leader’s best friend. Repeating yourself may seem annoying to you at first, but it’s important to make sure your key messages and actions are given a chance to sink in. … The power of repetition is your friend.

If you wanna master something in your life, take repetition as your best friend. And it is truly your best friend, because it teaches you to be focused, and we all know that being focused on something, that shall grow. It must grow!

Repetition is a key learning aid because it helps transition a skill from the conscious to the subconscious. Through repetition, a skill is practiced and rehearsed over time and gradually becomes easier. … Another important aspect of repetition is the interval at which a skill is repeated.

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The power of repetition is any leader’s best friend. Repeating yourself may seem annoying to you at first, but it’s important to make sure your key messages and actions are given a chance to sink in. … The power of repetition is your friend.

Now you are coming to action and tell us in a comments below what are you doing on repetition and does that serve you, brings you good or bad feelings? Tell us below! See you there!

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How To Develop Myself In Life

Ask yourself how you developed until now? What did you do? Where did you go? You can develop yourself even more, just continue to do these things even more, but don”t forget to implement some new as well. Constantly try to find a way how to be, do and have better. By having better, I don”t necessarily mean having more stuff, but having better skills, having that something that can influence people for the better.

To try to develop myself in every and each area is my obsession. That keeps me happy, content and excited about the future. Nothing seems more important to me lately but trying to be better, day by day. Stagnant water seem to be more smelly and then there algae grows. Water that runs is clear, beautiful to watch, and it”s sound is amazing, it calms you down.

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Imagine a world where people try to be better. They wanna make this planet better place to live, make it more comfortable. How that could be? There are two kinds of people; the ones that ask themselves how to do the least, and get paid, and then, there are the ones who try to give the most out of themselves and then naturally, they are expecting in return even more. Please, be that second one, and give value wherever and whatever you do. In this society now, you just need to give and do more than expected, people will recognize that, and then, you will be rewarded.

People around you would love to spend some more time with you, because you are trustworthy and confident. People love to spend time with their confident peers. Now you might be asking what that has to do with developing yourself; Well, everything! Always trying to be better, your confidence will skyrocket, naturally, your trustworthiness in people will rise, and you will have even more trust in life, future, yourself and other people, and we all want that, right?

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There are the countless ways how individual can develop him or herself. Watch how and what you talk. What are you talking about on a daily basis? Do you really love to talk about this? What would you talk about instead? Find a peers that you share same interest with. Just do the research about the things, area, expertise or hobby that you like. Connect with people online. I know that people are very careful about reaching someone online, but there are the real people there, just like you and me. They crave to be messaged, contacted and asked how are they doing. Make those connections now!

What helps me, is that I constantly listen something on Youtube. I always type in how to do this, how to do that, and helps me build momentum. I learned so much!

Meditation, meditation is incredible. We need to be able to calm ourselves, calm our minds, and stop rushing constantly. Meditation changed me from the core. I changed completely, inside first, then outside. You come to realization about yourself, your flaws and your strengths.

What would you like to accomplish in life? How would you like to be remembered? And do that things. Do the things that you wanna be remembered for.

We all wanna feel better. Feeling better doesn’t necessarily mean having more stuff. You can feel good and happy being broke. So, in order to develop yourself and naturally, your life, you will want to do the things that makes you feel happy. Just ask yourself on a daily basis, what would now make me happy, and go and do it.

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Be aware of your being completely and utterly. Make yourself comfortable. Listen to your body needs, know your values. What do you value the most? What are your preferences? Do whatever it takes to make yourself comfortable. Listen your body messages. Not just your body, but messages your higher you or your better version of you is sending you. Do you feel stressful? Do you need some new challenges in life? Are you bored in your everyday life? If you are, change that? You cannot expect different results doing same things all over again. Being aware of yourself today can put you in a state of real power.

Update you life! Do you know those messages on your phone about updating your software? If you ignore this messages your phone will operate after a while very slow. That is exactly why you need to update your own life as well. Really look at all areas of your life, and discover the ones that you are least happy about. Work on them, improve them, but before of that, do the research how to do that. Nothing will improve if you don’t improve at first.

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What are the things that you should do? What are the things that you should do in life? Why you think for example that you and everyone else should work on their physical body and exercise, but abandon wealth and finances is the right thing to do? Every and each area of your life is equally important. Work on those! In order to live happy and fulfilled life you should work on every area of your life. You should study everything, and want to improve every area, not just your body, finances, but everything, because everything matters.

Words don”t teach, only experience. Immerse yourself in experiences, and show up. Do whatever it takes to develop yourself, your skills and abilities. Challenge yourself on a daily basis. What matters more?!

I really hope I helped you realize how you should want develop yourself. Nobody is going to do that, but you. Naturally, you will end and stop negativity, sorrow and bitterness. You will become obsessed and want more. You will soon realize how you are limitless, how you can truly be, do and have everything your heart desire.

I made a Youtube video on this topic as well, please, feel free to watch it, because I might mentioned in a video that I didn”t cover here, so it might be more beneficial to you. You can find it here:

Really, what is more important than you? Treat yourself like a diamond, and accordingly, people will treat you like this as well.