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The power of focus

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Focus is huge. How many times you were completely focused on something? You were so interested in the listening to conversation, for example, that you couldn”t hear somebody outside calling you?

I know my sister was often numb, if I can say this way. We were calling her for a minutes, but she always had that look, like she is busy in thinking something else, contemplating, she had always had that imaginary look.

In this video below, I talk about all the things that I could remember about being focused. I really hope you will like it, and that is going to be of great value to you.

I will never forget a Jim Rohn saying in one of the videos on Youtube. When he was with his kids, he was thinking office. Being in the office, he thought of being with his kids instead.

Do you see how this habit is broken, not good? You are going to be always in lack. You will never actually experience all that you are working on, or experience in the full.

Book atomic habits is huge. We are sum of the habits that we were doing for the years, but that can be changed. What would you like to change in your every day life? Tell us honestly!

  1. Be consistent in whatever you do

  2. Optimize and track your successes and failures

  3. Don”t move on until you reach all your goals Source


Many people lack in direction, that is why they never reach their goal, or most importantly, they are never really focused. Confusion and indecisiveness is a problem in them. They often only wonder, never taking any massive action.

I don”t know have you heard about the Tony Robbins. Most probably you did, reading this Personal Development blog. He promotes a massive action, he is a massive action freak. We need to take massive action towards the things that we want.

Where your focus goes energy flows.

I don’t know about you, but I often times think in term, how there is an Africa out there, people living in poverty, even though I cannot see it with my naked eye.

It is not in my focus, but there also in another country is my mom and dad, now sitting on a terrace and enjoying their coffee. Isn”t that amazing?! Things and people are happening anyway, despite of we see them or not.

Your focus and attention now determines how you are going to live in the future.

2 people walking along are going to influence one another. The only question is, which one of them is going to be more dominant.

If you are one who is more dominant, your walking partner will have all his or her attention on you, and what you have to say, their all focus will be on you.

You be that dominant person at put all your attention on the good that you do.

People, circumstances, and life in general shaped us for who we are now.

What or who you wanna become in the future? Decide today, and put all your focus on that. Study it, be in it, learn it, try it, and you shall become. It is the law!

Focus on the good within people, and they will feel that. I had so many people challenges. Working with very fat people, slumpy people, stupid people, but instead, I chose to focus on the good in them. And guess what, we had amazing relationship all along. We were amazing teams!

Is your focus on the good in people or bad?

You can see also the power of focus by focusing only on the red color around you.

Do this exercise now: Look around yourself and look for the red, only look for the red color. How many objects that you see are red?

Now tell me what are the yellow that you saw? The chance is, that you didn’t saw any yellow. Why? Because you were looking only for red. And you get what you focus on.


Take care of your body

You must sleep 7 to 9 hours a day to be able to be fully focused on what you do. Your mind has to be sharp, and you cannot do that, if you didn’t have enough sleep. It is that simple!

Go to bed at the same time each evening. For example, I go to bed every night at 9 pm. I first read 30 minutes, and then I am ready to sleep. If I cannot fall asleep in 15 minutes time, I would take a book again, and read for another 30 minutes. 15 minutes rest again, and trying to fall asleep again, and so on.

It works for me. I hope it will work for you too.

The only goal is to be well restful. You can also do the thing like “power nap” in the afternoon. I do that as well. But I meditate. And it is like a reset, it’s like you are starting fresh.

One more thing that you can do, is putting your phone behind the laptop screen while you working. It does miracles to me. You don”t have a temptation to check the notifications, but to be fully focused on what you do.

Out of your sight, out of your mind.

You only check your phone if you hear actual notification. Even more, you can turn off all your sounds, and not check your phone at all until the work is done.

Focus can bring you so far. What do you want? What do you really, really want?

Focus is a skill that can be learned overtime. You only need to put the time and effort in it. Work on it every day.

What is your intake or opinion on focus? Are you working on focusing yourself fully and entirely on what you do, or this is not of importance to you? Tell us in a comment section below 🙂

I like to focus myself on what I do lately so often. For example, if I sat down 2 hours for writing, I am not going to go to check my hair 😀 (I know :D), or I am not going to respond to that received message if it”s not important.

I really really really hope that will help you!

Tell me if it did, or if it did not.

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Much Love,


This is what conversation is all about.
Personal Development

How To Be Great Conversationalist

I used to be very, very shy. I only opened my mouth surrounded by family and closest friends, strangers never heard my voice. Until the day I decided to be a great conversationalist and communicator. I was doing every possible thing to push myself, to face my fears anyway, and guess what, it feels amazing. It feels amazing to connect with other human being, because we can learn so much from each other. Only if you truly listen, not just hearing them.

First things first, you need to be clear on why you wanna be a great conversationalist. Why am I asking you to do that, is because if you don”t know your why, you are not going to follow through. You must be clear on why. If you, and me, are having strong enough reasons why we do the things we do, only then we are going to be able to finish that, until the goal is completed.

I think for me, what I learned so far, is that you must love people. You must love humanity, the differences in every individual, black or white, Muslim or Christian, all the people on this planet earth, because hey, the beauty is in the difference.

You need to want to connect with other human being deeply. I think there is not more satisfying thing than to connect with someone and talk about the meaningful stuff. You can learn so much from others, but only if you truly and genuinely listen.

It is about asking people questions. Be sincerely interested about them, that is exactly how they are going to see you, as a great conversationalist, because you are, you are genuinely interested what people has to say.

Here are my couple of points how to be great at this:

1. Ask open questions

2. Look people in the eyes

3. Truly listen

4. Have open body language

5. Be confident in yourself

5. Talk very clear and understandable

6. Your voice should sound confident

These are my points. And as I already said. I made myself to the point where I can talk with just anyone and have an amazing time with them.

Now I am going to be sharing the points that I heard from one Youtube video. Tips from the woman who”s profession is to talk with other people. Here is her amazing Ted Talk. Open up, and start learning an amazing stuff from her.



Genuine people are trustworthy.

People gravitate toward those who are genuine because they know they can trust them. It is difficult to like someone when you don’t know who they really are and how they really feel. Genuine people mean what they say, and if they make a commitment, they keep it.


Give them genuine compliment. You can say something; “You look stunning today.” or “I like your sweater.” People love to be complimented. They are dying to be noticed, to be complimented by someone.


Practice entering conversations anytime, anywhere and you should become great at it.


People want to talk, but not everybody has a good approach. For example, I have a neighbour that is always approaching me when he sees me outside. I don”t wanna always be approached by someone. Do you? People don”t know how to give a space to someone. And the worst thing, he doesn”t even say “Hello!” or “How are you?”. He immediately jumps on the conversation, and that is usually about another people. I don”t wanna listen this stuff! The truth of a matter is, I don”t really care what someone did or did not do. Do you?

A father and a child spending quality time together.



People might listen, but they are in their head constantly, thinking about what is going to be the next thing that they must say, and then, they are interrupting people. You and me are not going to be one of them. We are going to lose our minds and give full attention to the person we talk to. We are going to be focused on their sensations while they deliver the message. Their body language, face expressions and so on.


Only if you pay attention you can respond accordingly, and connect with the person that you talk to.


Everyone has opinions about something, just not everyone are expressing them. Say them out loud, but don”t try to make another person convince in yours. People like to hear other peoples point of view.


Balance in all life segments is so crucial, flow of the conversations are one of them.


People often times have a conversations while ordering a food in the restaurant. Excuse yourself and let them know that you need a time to choose the food that you want to eat. They would appreciate that, and give you some space. After you place the order, dive right into the conversation again.


Expressing your opinions in a pompous and dogmatic way is not nice. You are not always right.


You can ask something like: “What is your plan for the weekend?” “What are you having for your lunch today?” or “How that made you feel?” There are the countless of open ended questions that you can ask throughout the conversation, that will keep the conversation up and running, and in the flow.


This is the easiest, simplest, quickest, and free way of learning something new, by having an actual conversations with people.


If the person that you talk to is jumping to the different points and views, go with the flow of that. If you remember something that you can add up, say it, they would appreciate that, and that is what will keep conversations in the flow.


People often times wanna go into the conversations just because they wanna boost their ego and feel inferior, making them look like they are right, but that is not what we want here. If you wanna be great conversationalist, you must be honest and say clearly that you don”t know much about this topic, and that will build a trust in another person, person that you talk to.


People are beautiful creatures. We can learn so much from each other. So be prepared to be amazed.

Now it”s your turn you guys. Do you like to have a conversations? Do you feel comfortable while interacting with other people, and what kind of conversations you like to have?

Tell us in a comments, so we can have a conversation up and running. 🙂

Personal Development

Raise Your Standards

What does it mean to raise your standards, and how do we do that?

You are living by your standards right now. You. are. living. your. standards. right. now. Hear me what I mean by that!

If you are single, that might be because your standard is to not be hurt again. Some people are in relationships, but they are not happy, that means their standard is to only be in a relationship, no matter who that person is. And I think that is really dangerous. I hope you get the point?!

Raise Your Standard

So how do we raise our standards in both situations? Well, in the first scenario, you can do something like, go for that relationship anyway, if you have a chance, but try not to be hurt again, because hey, you wanna give him/or her a chance. Right?! Give love anyway, be support, but not expecting anything in return, because you wanna be a partner of example. Hope you get it?!

The second scenario can be something like; continue to have someone in your life, but try to make it meaningful, try to learn from each other, have fun, support their partner in any endeavor, whether you understand their actions or not.

So what happens when we raise our standards?

Everything in our lives starts to be better. Our relationships, our health, our work, our confidence, the way how we see ourselves and the world, how we interact with people, our mood. We start to be more happy, joyous, feeling content, we have better connections with the God, etc.

To raise our standards in all areas of our lives, we need to truly want that. We need to want that next level life. And do whatever it takes to level up.

I have a meetup every Sunday that I organize about: “How to take our lives to the next level”. If you wanna join our Sunday Meetup conversations about this topic, you can sign up HERE. It lasts for about hour and a half and we talk how to really get to that next level life in all areas.

What are some examples of the standards?

It is like a rule, some set of behaviours that people need to follow through. Similar like, you can”t go to church naked shoulders and mini skirt. Your skirt has to be to your knees, and you will have to have a sleeves, not the top. Also, Dubai city. There are people not kissing each other on the streets or holding their hands, people only do those things in the comfort of their home, not in the public.

I think Tony Robbins is the first guy that I heard from about how and why we should raise our standards. He is very passionate about this topic, and he is the first guy that is promoting raising standards. Enjoy learning how to raise your standard above in the video.

I love when Tony talks about raising his standard and moving to a big house, leaving his small apartment. Story goes like this; a friend of his offered the house to Tony, and Tony said yes immediately. It was weird at the beginning, to move from very small apartment to a big house. He lived all of a sudden in a very spacious environment, and of course, he felt like it is the right thing to do.

Of course he felt fear of how to pay for it, but once he got a taste of it, he didn”t want to return back. Nobody would like to. Once you get the taste of something that you like, you never want to go back .

And so, I am asking you question right now? If you raise your standard right now, in what area of your life would you first do that, and how would that change your life? I am sure, for 100% better! Can you do that right now? Ask yourself: “What has to change in my life first, in order to live more happy and fulfilled life?” And do that!

“Demand more from yourself on a daily basis to make your dreams a reality.” ATGW Source

Create hunger for more, create magical life on your own terms, and set higher standards. Higher standards can be achieved by you saying to yourself that you MUST work on your career, you saying you that you MUST find relationship of your dreams, MUST be more healthy and energetic, MUST be all the things that people want, even though they only wish for that right now.

The difference between you and them is that you MUST take your life to the next level, and they will only continue to wish for. Guess who is going to achieve goals? You or them? Of course, you! Because you MUST, and they will stay forever with the “should”, but never follow through.

Any time you sincerely want to make a change, the first thing you must do is to raise your standards. When people ask me what really changed my life eight years ago, I tell them that absolutely the most important thin was changing what I demanded of myself. I wrote down all the things I would no longer accept in my life, all the things I would no longer tolerate, and all the things that I aspired to becoming.

Here is also a video that I made about raising your standard. I am so passionate about that, because hey, as I already said, the true changes are happening the moment when you say: “I had enough!” Watch it here: https://youtu.be/eNwwch3E29o
Life is very simple you guys. Just write down things that you really want. Write down how you want to be treated by people. How your friends should treat you. Who are your friends really. What is the place that you really want to live. How much money you must have on your bank account. Who do you must work for. What your job really must be.
You see?! There is so much more. These are only couple of things that you need to consider. And truly, when you say enough is enough, only then changes are happening. And you want that next level life, right? Everybody does, everybody. But you and me are not everybody, you and me are action takers, right? And we are going to make our reams come true, and live that extraordinary life.
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3 Ways To Live An Extraordinary Life

1. You need to know what extraordinary means to you. What is ordinary for you, and what is above that, extraordinary. You need to be clear about your goals. What extraordinary life do you want exactly? Is it traveling with your partner, or staying at home with 4 kids? What it is that you really really want? What type of work do you do? Are you working with people, or are you managing all by yourself? Are you going out often, or you are more home based party woman/man? Again, what it is that you really really want? Close your eyes, see yourself already in that environment, and start living it today. Just start living your dream life. Are you having kids, how many of them, and how do you raise your kids, do you have any help? Where are you living? In what country? What surrounds you? Are you renting the house or it is fully yours and your partners? How do you spend your time with your partner? What do you do? Where do you go? Now the most important question? How much money do you earn? How much monthly? How much yearly? What do you do to attain that money? What service do you offer? Are you selling stuff or you are sort of a coach? What is your occupation?

What it is that you imagine extraordinary life is? How do you live that extraordinary life? Take a piece of paper and start writing in details what it is that you want. I write down all my goals, read them few times a week and re write them, because they change over time. Just today I crossed over that I don”t wanna really learn German, but what I really wanna speak is Spanish. And so do you! Just put on a piece of paper what it is you really want.


2. Start doing this extraordinary life. Start living there. Do whatever it takes to do something everyday to live that end goal. Every little counts. Take some everyday actions that will get you closer to that goal. Always keep in mind your goals. Focus! Focus creates! Where is your focus at this moment? Is it at your current situation or situation that you can create, life that you can live.

Keep your focus on extraordinary stuff. Always think to execute yourself. Do now extraordinary stuff. Start small! Never forget about why you are here. You are here to live that life. You are here to do whatever you heck you want to do with your life. Focus creates! God wants you to be happy. God wants you to be rich in every aspect of your life.


I like to think about myself already there and how would that make me feel. What would I do, where would I go, what would I talk about, who is around me… Why would you wait feeling amazing, when you can bring that feeling right now?

You need to know what are your passions. Just take a piece of paper and write down what are you passionate about. What it is that you enjoy the most, and do more of it.

[Risks are] never the safe option, but for me the safe option is the worst option. […] The riskiest life I can think of is letting yourself to be molded into this comfortable, same-as-everybody-else routine. For me, that is risking my whole life.”
― Ben Brown

You already live extraordinarily. You already have everything that you need, you have these essentials such as food, water, clothes and shelter. If you wanna achieve more, you already have everything you need to achieve that. Life by itself is extraordinary, and you are lucky to be here.

3. Be kind, meditate, eat healthy live foods, exercise, live peacefully, wipe out stress, learn how to breathe properly. Don”t do the stuff that you don”t enjoy. Let others do that stuff, and you focus only on the things that you enjoy doing. Life is too short for doing something that we don”t really enjoy doing.

New phone 121

Count your blessings. There are so many things in your life that you can be grateful for. You live alone in small room? There are actually people who share the room with two more people, three of them, and they don”t have a privacy at all. You don”t like how you look from the profile? There are actually people walking on this earth with several diseases. You are healthy! You work for somebody else and you contribute their dream life, making them rich, when you actually wanna become an entrepreneur and manage your own time? There are actually entrepreneurs in a deep debt,  they created a companies that they don”t really like anymore. You see now how many blessings you have?

“The 7 Steps to Transformation:
1. Dream it.
2. Envision it.
3. Think it.
4. Grow it.
5. Become it.
6. Live it.
7. OWN it.”
― Germany Kent

When you next time caught your self in desperation counting all the stuff that you don”t have, ask yourself: “In comparing to what?” To be grateful for what you already have, will put you in such a beautiful state. Why would you want to wait an extraordinary moments, when this moment you can make an extraordinary* Do whatever it takes to make this moment special. Because it it! You are never again going to live Saturday 15 August 2020. There is only one day today and it is never going to happen again. Just decide, decide that from today on, you will try to make this day worth living.

Maybe somebody out there is praying for your kind of lifestyle, I am sure they do. So why would you focus on the things that you don”t have, YET. Because hey, you are willing to work for it.

This is amazing list of the actions you need to take to live extraordinary life, it is from makingsenseofcents.com

How to live an extraordinary life:
  1. Stop making excuses.
  2. Forget about what people think.
  3. Welcome the unknown.
  4. Step outside your comfort zone.
  5. Improve your confidence.
  6. Failure is a part of life.
  7. Don’t let life pass you by.
  8. Realize that you’ll have to make sacrifices.

What do you think? How to live an extraordinary life? What steps you should take and everybody else to start living it?

Personal Development

Why is focusing on yourself important

Don’t take everything so seriously. Don’t take life so seriously. Don’t take things personally.

There will always be people around you. They will tell stories, do certain things, but you, and only you should take care of you, and know your own truth. What does your gut feeling tells you? What do you think it’s true? Focusing on yourself is so crucial to live happy and fulfilled life. Like, you are never going to be able to help others if you still don”t take care of you.

“Become the person you are trying to meet.”
― Germany Kent

Next time when you are going to be tired, just go and take a rest. You feel like you need a healthy meal, go and make yourself one. You are in group people, notice how they make you feel. Someone been rude to you, notice how you really feel like, what caused them to be rude to you.

How I focus on myself:

I watch how I feel, every day, most of the day. So if I don”t feel good, my vibration is low, or I have negative emotions, I try to lift myself up, by changing my thoughts, doing something that makes me feel happy, spending some more time in nature, etc.

The most important relationship you will develop in this lifetime is the one that you have with yourself.

Again, I am in certain situation that I don”t like, I will ask my friends advice and their opinion, but will truly and honestly ask myself what is deep down the right thing to do for me. Story about that; not that long time ago, I was in situation that I was dating a guy for 10 months, still dating, but never been in relationship. I asked my friends what they would do if they was me, nobody said leave him, everybody said: “just have fun”. I knew that this is not the solution, I wanted more, and I felt like I deserve more, so I was honest with myself, and I broke up with a guy, never looked back, feeling now happier than before.


You don”t wanna live your life thinking about others. Talking about what she wore, how he behaved, and what they were talking about. You wanna focus on how you feel, where are you now, and where would you like to go. It is easy to get distracted. We are living in such a distracting times. People talking about people, politics, disasters, economy, consumerism, when in fact, you can create your dream life in this crazy world. How?! By focusing on yourself. Knowing yourself better, digging deep in what you are capable of, and working towards it.

Focusing on yourself might sound very self-centered, but it will actually help you create balance in your life and set healthy boundaries with the people you love. As you grow and improve yourself, you’ll be able to give more to others.

“Focus on your work. Do what you’re great at. Don’t compare yourself to others and or waste time criticizing the lives and work of others. Do what matters most to you and make a difference doing that.”
― Germany Kent

In order to focus more on yourself and not on others, you should be clear about what is important to you, and what is not. After you have decided and prioritized, the next step is to learn to say “no” very often. Finally, it will be very difficult to focus on yourself when adopting a negative or judging inner voice.

Learning to say no is very important. In a video above I am explaining when you should say no. People who learned when to say no and actually saying it, are the most successful. You wanna be one of them, I am sure.

People will always say stuff. The question is, what do you believe for yourself to be true.

I will never forget when I was dating a guy for 10 months, relationship was casual, but I wanted more. Million times I wanted to say him how I really feel about us, but people were telling me that I should not say anything because I might lose him, so I didn”t. Until the day I realized that I need to say what I really feel if I wanna be happy and have that peace of mind.

What I wanna say is that we all have different opinions about everything. We see the world differently and so people will advise you on how they perceive relationships.

You should be your best friend, partner and the spouse.
Focus On Your Wellbeing

My expansion happened when I focused on me, and what I really really wanted. I was brutally honest with myself and I asked myself what would really make him happy, and that was including open yourself up and be completely honest. His answer was no, but my confidence grew because I stood up for myself and I feel more happier, it”s like I am not carrying baggage anymore, I feel more lighter.

So, I would advise you that you, only focus on you. Digg deep in you and be brutally honest with yourself about what it is you truly want and never, but never accept anything less than that. Universe loves courageous people. Universe loves the ones who are authentic and who know what they want.

I found amazing article written by a female about what happens when you focus on yourself, you can find it here.

I love love love this by her:

You’ll become a better lover, friend, and family member.

Focusing on yourself might sound very self-centered, but it will actually help you create balance in your life and set healthy boundaries with the people you love.

As you grow and improve yourself, you’ll be able to give more to others. As you become happier, you’ll have better relationships with your friends and family. You’ll act as a positive force in their lives when they need it most.

Remember, you don’t have to be selfless. It’s better to strike a balance between meeting your own needs and giving to others.

What are some of your thoughts on that? Do you practicing focusing more on yourself and how it is going? How much is important to you? Tell us in a comment section below.

Yours sincerely,