Doing something different

I am big on doing something different lately. Why? Because I can’t be in a familiar environment for a long time. My soul asks for more, for challenges, for a bigger and better stimulation.

Doing something different, Blog post, that you read right now, reminds me of the book: “When everything changes, change everything” by Neale Donald Walsch.

We ALL have challenges in life, somebody smaller, somebody bigger. I will never forget when I heard the words: “Big contrast-big expansion, small contrast-small expansion”. This is so true!

People are worried when everything seems to be falling apart, but what if things are actually coming back to place?

Sun setting

“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.” – Anonymous

Imagine a life of living with no regrets. This is my life motto. Find a life motto that works for you. It can be “do something different every day” or “live a life of no regrets”. Find the one that is most appealing to you, or more of them, and start to live it.

There are 9 reasons why you should find your unique life motto for you, and the website called Psychology today describes it best through this link HERE, if you wanna read it.

There is a YT video on finding your life Motto that I created couple of day ago as well, watch it here, and find your life motto:

People want change, yet they are so fearful of it.

It is cozy and very safe to be in familiar place. And it feels like in meditative place, doing nothing, just observing. But if you continue to do those same things all over again, your brain is not going to expand, your mind is not going to learn anything different. You are going to feel stuck!

Start small

Really, start small. Find every day a thing to do that you have never done before.

If you never seen another part of your city, go and take a walk through this area. If you never made a dinner for your family, go and try what that feels like. Bonus is enjoying food together. You are going to be so proud of yourself!

You see, everything in life is very simple, it’s just us that we make it complicated, and we do, at least I do. We tend to overthink everything. We are afraid of the change.

If you don’t change something about your life right now, life might change it for you in the direction that might not be pleasing to you.  -Maja Marinic

Doing something different helps out to break the patterns. Patterns are continuous actions that you are taking not even realizing it, you are doing them but you are being unconsciously unaware of them.

A pattern is a series or sequence that repeats.

Doing things differently.

What do you think about doing something different every day? Is it something that you want to improve upon? tell us in a comment section below.

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How to avoid problems in life

If you want to avoid problems in life, you are going to fail. Problems are here for us to grow, to push us, to expand, to learn new things. You are never going to stop having problems/challenges in life. The sooner you make a peace with that, the sooner you are going to feel better.

Problems are nothing but opportunities. Why we even call problems problems? The word problem has very heavy connotation, it weights a ton. Call your problems challenges instead, and watch how you are going to feel after that. But not just any challenge. A challenge that you are looking forward to solve, find a solution for it.

“Neglect your problems and they will flourish, face them and they will disappear.”   – Maja Marinic

To avoid problems and challenges in life, I think, is by building yourself up, working on your mental health. Because hey, if you are strong in your head, you know your self, you trust yourself, you have a faith that everything is going to be ok, that you will find a way to make it work, then everything is going to be just fine. Believe in it, trust the process.

Everything is figureoutable

Why don”t we see our challenges like a solving jig saw puzzles?

We want to play, and it is interesting to search for a matching piece, we enjoy playing game. We like the whole picture of it. It is beautiful scenery, or something that is dear to our hearts. We will take as much time as we need to make the picture whole, we will even schedule a time to work on this. And funny enough, we even call our friends and family to help us, and every time we have amazing time together, it is so much fun.

So the question is: “Why we don”t look at our problems like solving jig-saw puzzles? Trying different pieces, turning around, coming to it later once when we get tired. Really, can we see our problems as a puzzle solving machines? What do you think about that?

Problems reminds us that we are doing something wrong.

Maybe that is part of the truth. Because hey, if you planned that trip in the detail, the problem would not occur at all.

Many people go through life unprepared, with head on, all in. But you need to prepare yourself prior you go after something, you need to know what to expect, what to bring, and what it requires from you.

Get yourself ready to be ready, is something that Esther and Jerry Hicks promotes, and I love it so much. Why? Because all is about preparation. Oprah Winfrey also, for reason say that: “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”

So to avoid problems in life, plan your future and the details in it before time, don”t let things happen by default, create them.

There are the countless of books about how to solve the problems in life. One of my favorite is: What is your problem?

“The author makes a compelling case that we often start solving a problem before thinking deeply about whether we are solving the right problem. If you want the superpower of solving better problems, read this book.” — Eric Schmidt, former CEO, Google

Curb your ego

I highly recommend you to watch my video about “How to solve our personal problems.” It is all about solving those problems, having fun with it (try at least). To feel better about that, you can say something like: “Look what problem do I have’!” (in a fun way) and start solving it.

Everything that we facing in life, and are going to face requires some work from us, sometimes less, sometime more. Don”t be afraid to put the time in something, in order to make it work. Why would you be afraid anyway, right? I know, we all want to sit on that beach, sip cocktails under the palm tree, and do nothing, but life is not created this way. Life is work, constant doing something, working towards something. What it is that you want to work towards to???

Tony Robbins say: “Progress equals happiness.” And I truly believe that is true. Because I often find myself happy going after something, working towards it.

  • Think on paper
  • What is the problem?
  • Offer solutions
  • What can YOU do?
  • Can you find a book written on that?
  • Who could you ask for help?

Think on paper. Whatever challenges you are facing now, just put them on a piece of paper. Our minds are really messy places, and the more we think, the more it seems we are going to go crazy.

Once on a paper, our process to solve that begins. Now, all that you can do, is offer solutions. What you can do? Is there somebody you can ask for help? And many more…

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein Source

Don”t try to pretend that nothing is going wrong, pretending that everything is fine, when it is not. The sooner you face something or someone, the sooner you are going to feel better about it, and it will disappear, it will stop bothering you.

An amazing PDF about how to solve our problems find HERE.

Actually open this file and start solving your problems in life.

We all have unwanted situations in life and are going to have. Some of them are going to be big, some small. The question is, what is your perception on that?

Problems are opportunities.


The only way to avoid problems in life is to get yourself ready for them. You are never going to stop having problems/unwanted situations, that is the truth. Problems are our guidelines. It tell us what direction to go, which route to take.

What are your opinions on this? How are you solving your problems? Are you feeling they weight a ton, or you are looking forward to it? Do you like the idea of solving something?

I really really really hope this Blog Post is going to be of help to you, that you are going to see the problems as a opportunities and new paths.

Yours sincerely,




Segment Intending

Segment intending is something that i have been practicing for quite some time, and it does miracles. I feel better, hopeful, and my mood improved.

What is segment intending?

Let”s talk about the segments first.

I will give you an example.

You are alone in the kitchen, that is one segment. Somebody else enters the kitchen, that is another one. You leave the house, get in the car, that is segment number three. Arriving at the destination, that is segment number 4, and so on. Do you get the point? I know you do.

Now, segment intending is creating the desired outcome. You create it the way you want it, either before or during.

Example: Let”s say you are getting ready to get in the car, and you need to go some place. You say things like: “This is going to be very safe and enjoyable ride.” “I love to drive a car.” “I am going to be enjoying the ride all along the way.” “The scenery is going to be amazing.”

If you want to see the video version, me talking about segment intending, do so below:

Segment intending is something that Esther Hicks promotes, and I love it so much. It brought me such a peace of mind, clarity, and good feeling thoughts.

It is like you switch your mind from the unwanted to the wanted. We want things to happen anyway, so why not create it the way we want to.

It is like not living your life by default anymore.

Stop living your life by default. If you don”t know what is living by the default, here on the picture above it says. It is about lacking in positive actions rather than conscious choice.

Always have good and positive intentions or actions, always, and be always conscious of your choice. You have the power to choose. So choose it wisely!

Let”s say you are going to the shop to buy some milk. The shop is mile away. It takes you about 15 minutes to get there, and you want to walk, so set an intention to do something that will keep you focused on what you want.

You can do things like: counting your blessings all the way to the shop, saying things that you are passionate about, thinking about your goals and what you want to achieve, thinking about the things you are proud of yourself, sending people love…

This works like a magic, I assure you. It is like keeping the focus on the things that truly matters to you. How amazing that is?!

Segment Intending
The Power of Intentions

How To Raise Your Vibration

How to raise your vibration is the closest Blog Post to this one that I think it might help you. Segment intending and working on raising your vibration are the similar things, that interconnect with each other.

We day dream a little and then we kill it with reality.

How many times you were day dreaming and then you stopped it, because somebody else told you to get down of this cloud and get back to the reality?

I was told to do this countless of times by my mother, but I didn”t care much of what is she saying, because I felt good day dreaming.

The problem in us humans, is that we fear a lot every thing that we do, and want to do. That is going to lead us nowhere. We should be striving, and persisting to do the things we are most passionate about, and let other people talk.

Something very interesting happened the other day:

The night before I set an intention that something delightful is going to happen. Woke up the morning after, and said again out loud how something delightful is going to happen again.

I was walking down the road, and practicing sending people love. Passed by a piece of paper, and heard the voice “go back and pick it up, maybe is a message for you”, and there it was, it said “we are not really strangers”.

I created it. I had a courage to say how something delightful is going to happen, and it did. Create the day you you really want. Again, stop living your days by default.

There are people all over the world doing this, and they get an amazing results from this.

Also, expectation creates. How many times you were expecting that the person is going to treat you badly, and it did? Just the way you imagined it!

Segment intending works the same way.

Have you understood the process of segment intending and how it works? Do you need any clarification on that? If so, book a call through this link here, and I will be more than happy to help you.



How to be authentic

Authenticity is something that is of great value these days, because everyone try to copy what is trendy, and all the influencers do that as well. How good or bad is that? What do you think?

I heard months ago from Gary Vaynerchuk, that basically people love love. Whatever is going to be trendy, and it is trendy now, people will love it. And there is nothing wrong with that.

But what should you be doing, is asking yourself every day: “Am I going after that because it is trendy, and I don”t really enjoy it, or do I really enjoy it, no matter how trendy or not it is.

For example, everybody are texting each other these days. There are the groups created for every sorts of organizations. You  try to be different and authentic! Text somebody private, talk with them in private, or call them. Actually connect with other being in person. That is being authentic, being different. Human touch and connection is huge.

The hunger for authenticity guides us throughout our lives. People strive for joined-up living, where on the one hand what they say and do reflects what they think and feel, and on the other what they think and feel reflects who they are.

Stephen Joseph has pioneered developments in research into authenticity, drawing on the solid science of positive psychology to develop what has become one of the gold-standard tests for assessing authenticity.

His and others’ findings reveal that when people are in relationships in which they feel accepted, understood and valued, they drop their defences. They naturally begin to examine themselves psychologically, accommodate new information and live more authentically. What’s more, the latest studies reveal that it is authenticity that leads to true happiness.

Be different.
Put your mask down.

How to be more authentic:

  1. Be aware of yourself
  2. Embrace vulnerability

Self awareness is the key. If you”ve been wanting to be authentic, your true self, and that is your goal, know that you are already successful. Many people don”t even know who they are, what they are, and what they”ve been doing.

Watch where you go. Be only observer. Listen to your breath, listen the words, sentences that you”ve been saying, see who are your friends really. Notice what you wear for example, how you wear, and how that makes you feel. In general, watch how you feel at all times.

It is practice!

Everything in life is practice, everything. For example, if you don”t like how you look in profile, you are not quite happy with your teeth, or you are shy to put the big smile on your face and laugh out loud, actually do those things. Do them, despite of how that makes you feel. You already want them, so do them, regardless of how confident or not confident you actually feel.

Read our post on Feel the fear and do it anyway

After some time, you are going to be so comfortable in your skin, that you are going to ask yourself why you didn”t do that before, in the first place.

People love people for who are themselves, no matter how they look like, they actually like their energy. Have you even been drawn to somebody, staring at the person in the video, you didn”t quite listen to what are they saying, but they had that vibe that you liked, and you couldn”t stop staring at them? That is it! They”ve been for who they are!

Face your mask down!

Your number one job in the world should be how you feel. If you feel like this is the thing that you should be doing, do it, and if it comes from the good intention, even better.

We all wear masks at all times. Some more, some less, and that is ok. It is to protect us.

You are not you from yesterday

The you yesterday is not the you today. And you that you are going to be tomorrow is not going to be the same you you are today.

We are constantly evolving, we are constantly changing. So fully authentic you is you in this present moment. You are who you need to be today, and that is perfect you right now.

“There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a person being themselves. Imagine going through your day being unapologetically you.”
Steve Maraboli

Buy the book how to be Unapologetically you HERE. 

As you are going to open that link, I highly recommend you to purchase this book and start learning how to be yourself. Even better, the site Book Depository is the site that ships worldwide, for FREE.

Many eye and heart opening moments in this collection of thoughts. With millions of copies shared globally, this book reflects Steve’s confidence in his own skin and willingness to share his unapologetic truth about happiness, success, spirituality, and life.

Life example

Let’s say you feel pretty today, and you decide to share your picture on social media, because hey, you feel pretty today, but you say a thing more, you don’t know for how long will it last, tomorrow you are going to feel pretty ugly. And that what authentic you means. I think!

Being vulnerable and really saying what is on your mind and how you feel about that.

It is not sugarcoating it. It is just expressing real you. And that what truly you is. What do you think about that?

The ability to know when to be quiet and when to say something

Being authentic is also saying no, when you wanna say no, and say yes if you feel like say yes.

Many people are people pleasers. We don’t wanna be one of them. Why? We want to be true to ourselves, we want to look after ourselves first, no matter what anyone will think of us.

To do that, when you come in situation when you need to decide whether to go after something or no, take some time for yourself to think. And if your gut intuition is saying NO, go and say no, no matter what.

Of course they will blame you, think you are selfish, but stick to it, believe me.

We really hope this article is going to help you be authentic and for who you really are.

If it helped you, please let us know, and if it isn”t let us know anyway.

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The power of focus

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Focus is huge. How many times you were completely focused on something? You were so interested in the listening to conversation, for example, that you couldn”t hear somebody outside calling you?

I know my sister was often numb, if I can say this way. We were calling her for a minutes, but she always had that look, like she is busy in thinking something else, contemplating, she had always had that imaginary look.

In this video below, I talk about all the things that I could remember about being focused. I really hope you will like it, and that is going to be of great value to you.

I will never forget a Jim Rohn saying in one of the videos on Youtube. When he was with his kids, he was thinking office. Being in the office, he thought of being with his kids instead.

Do you see how this habit is broken, not good? You are going to be always in lack. You will never actually experience all that you are working on, or experience in the full.

Book atomic habits is huge. We are sum of the habits that we were doing for the years, but that can be changed. What would you like to change in your every day life? Tell us honestly!

  1. Be consistent in whatever you do

  2. Optimize and track your successes and failures

  3. Don”t move on until you reach all your goals Source


Many people lack in direction, that is why they never reach their goal, or most importantly, they are never really focused. Confusion and indecisiveness is a problem in them. They often only wonder, never taking any massive action.

I don”t know have you heard about the Tony Robbins. Most probably you did, reading this Personal Development blog. He promotes a massive action, he is a massive action freak. We need to take massive action towards the things that we want.

Where your focus goes energy flows.

I don’t know about you, but I often times think in term, how there is an Africa out there, people living in poverty, even though I cannot see it with my naked eye.

It is not in my focus, but there also in another country is my mom and dad, now sitting on a terrace and enjoying their coffee. Isn”t that amazing?! Things and people are happening anyway, despite of we see them or not.

Your focus and attention now determines how you are going to live in the future.

2 people walking along are going to influence one another. The only question is, which one of them is going to be more dominant.

If you are one who is more dominant, your walking partner will have all his or her attention on you, and what you have to say, their all focus will be on you.

You be that dominant person at put all your attention on the good that you do.

People, circumstances, and life in general shaped us for who we are now.

What or who you wanna become in the future? Decide today, and put all your focus on that. Study it, be in it, learn it, try it, and you shall become. It is the law!

Focus on the good within people, and they will feel that. I had so many people challenges. Working with very fat people, slumpy people, stupid people, but instead, I chose to focus on the good in them. And guess what, we had amazing relationship all along. We were amazing teams!

Is your focus on the good in people or bad?

You can see also the power of focus by focusing only on the red color around you.

Do this exercise now: Look around yourself and look for the red, only look for the red color. How many objects that you see are red?

Now tell me what are the yellow that you saw? The chance is, that you didn’t saw any yellow. Why? Because you were looking only for red. And you get what you focus on.


Take care of your body

You must sleep 7 to 9 hours a day to be able to be fully focused on what you do. Your mind has to be sharp, and you cannot do that, if you didn’t have enough sleep. It is that simple!

Go to bed at the same time each evening. For example, I go to bed every night at 9 pm. I first read 30 minutes, and then I am ready to sleep. If I cannot fall asleep in 15 minutes time, I would take a book again, and read for another 30 minutes. 15 minutes rest again, and trying to fall asleep again, and so on.

It works for me. I hope it will work for you too.

The only goal is to be well restful. You can also do the thing like “power nap” in the afternoon. I do that as well. But I meditate. And it is like a reset, it’s like you are starting fresh.

One more thing that you can do, is putting your phone behind the laptop screen while you working. It does miracles to me. You don”t have a temptation to check the notifications, but to be fully focused on what you do.

Out of your sight, out of your mind.

You only check your phone if you hear actual notification. Even more, you can turn off all your sounds, and not check your phone at all until the work is done.

Focus can bring you so far. What do you want? What do you really, really want?

Focus is a skill that can be learned overtime. You only need to put the time and effort in it. Work on it every day.

What is your intake or opinion on focus? Are you working on focusing yourself fully and entirely on what you do, or this is not of importance to you? Tell us in a comment section below 🙂

I like to focus myself on what I do lately so often. For example, if I sat down 2 hours for writing, I am not going to go to check my hair 😀 (I know :D), or I am not going to respond to that received message if it”s not important.

I really really really hope that will help you!

Tell me if it did, or if it did not.

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Much Love,