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Why family is important

Family is shelter, security, and first place to be. It is everything when you arrive to this planet. It is your cozy up place.

Not everybody has amazing family support, and I know that this might sound harsh to believe, but hey, what is perfect in this life.

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family: Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.” — Jane Howard

Everybody on this planet somebody raised up. Me raised up my parents, you might raised up your grandmother, aunt, or somebody third. That is not really important who, what matter is that they gave you shelter, food and support.

That doesn’t have to be grandiose love and support, but know that they gave you something. They gave you what they had.

Family is teaching you what to do and what not to do.

There are a lot personalities and characters in every and each one of us, belief systems, habits, etc. I know that you didn’t like something that your parents did, but know that they didn’t know better. They had the best intentions at all times, every time!

Family is everything
Family is everything

You learned what you are certainly going to implement in your own life and family life, and you learned what you are not going to take with you in your adult life.

All is happening for the reason.

If you still have your own family, whether you are a parent or a child, are you happy with what you have? Do you feel understood, appreciated and loved for who you really are?

If you do, I congratulate you, because this is a really beautiful thing, but if you don’t, know that you still have a chance to turn your family life around.

First step would be to really see what you have, who are your parents, and how do you feel beside them?

Second step would be to determine what you want to have in your family, how you interact with them, and how they make you feel? You can make a list of the things that you want to experience.

Third step would be work. Work on bettering your overall family relationships, for whoever you call your family member. Working on bettering yourself first, your communication, love, understanding, etc.

If you still don’t know how family life is important, read this article on 10 reasons why family life is crucial to live happy and fulfilled life. Hope you are going to love this article as much as I did.

1) Family introduces you to the new world when you arrive on earth.

2) Family helps us in our various developments like mental, social, physical, and emotional.

3) The Family is the one who demands less and gives us more as possible.

4) Family accepts us in all possible conditions whether good or bad.

5) Family brings out our personality more effectively.

6) Family is the backbone of one’s life that is the main supporting system of our body.

7) We cannot deny that family is the one who supports us financially also until we get a job.

8) We get recognition and name in society because of a family.

9) Every other member of the family has its own importance and value.

10) Family gives you wings to fly high in the sky to achieve your goal.


Your family member can be anyone

Whether a person is your blood or not, if you have a truly connection with this person, you can call him/her a family.

Our friends are also family. We spend so much time with them. Especially in the early days. We play, we fight, we have fun.

Family is also overrated. Unfortunately, many parents think that they can do to their children whatever they want, but that is far from the truth.

You don’t posses your children

You are the mentor and teacher to your children. And your job is to raise strong, confident, and ready for life kids. They are not here to work for you, they are not your slaves.

Please, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that you are the one. I just wanted to mention that there are the families that work that way, and I think this is not healthy, for nobody.

If family is important to you, you’re going to make it work, if not (it’s on your second or third place of the importance) then you won’t do anything about that. Both are O.K.!

I will never forget the day when I realized that I was always praising my family, and saying how family is first, but I was miles away from them.

You are not doing any good being separated miles away from your family. Of course, for a short while, but certainly not for a longest.

There are lots of families separated from their mpthers and fathers, working in another countries, just because they have to earn money for bread and milk every day.

Kids are growing up separated at least for one of the parent and they cannot understand why. Do you want to live this kind of lifestyle? Me certainly not! This is not life, this is survival. I understand that they have to earn for the living, but hey, there are other options that they didn’t though of. And it is, there is always solution to everything, we just need to look for it, be resourceful.


Family is really important. It sets you up for the life.

Define what family means to you. What is like living in family? How do you feel? What do you do with them? Where do you go?

Define a term family for you and start living it. Act as if! Do whatever it takes to live the family life you really set yourself to be.

Good luck in that, because you can.


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