How to have inner peace

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Inner peace is something that must be of great value to you. Why? Because that peace in your head is what we all looking for. At least I think so. I certainly do!

You are going to have inner peace when you move your body.

We are the beings of the movement. Staying still, your mind will start to wonder. You are not going to be in the present moment. And that is how all starts. So move your body. Actually go for a walk, ride a bike, or do some exercises and stretches. That is going to ground you. You will go to your body and lose your mind.

For example, I was 4 days ago in the mountains, and so happy. Because I was admiring nature. And the nature is still, peaceful, and that is exactly what is going to do for you too. Make you feel still and peaceful.

Spend quality time in nature every now and then, actually move your body. Nature has that sense of peace and stillness that it grounds you. There are no sounds and distractions.

Being able to see the pictures in your mind, or thinking in pictures can be also huge for you. But the trick is, you must be seeing all the good that you want to experience today and in the future. It is that simple!

People are lazy and bored, that is why they think a lot, they don’t have a peace of mind, and sense of direction in their life. So actually engage yourself in something, and naturally you are going to stop to think, and just be.

We have to do the different things every day, or at least same things different way.

Why? Because then you expand your horizons.

Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is to do the same things everyday and expect different results. Do you understand now?

And the Wayne Dyer once said: “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.” How amazing is that?

Your mind wanders a lot, because you have that brain fog. You must change something in order something to be changed. Start small! How bad you want it? How Bad Do You Want It?

How are you accomplishing that inner peace? If you do, tell us in a comments below?

I have inner peace now more than ever. This is what I’ve been doing on a daily basis:

1. Meditate

2. Give thanks

3. Change your schedule

4. Go places

5. Exercise often

6. Set goals

7. Do more of what makes you happy

8. Help someone

Also, have you heard something called “segment intending”? It is that Abraham, Esther and Jerry Hicks recommend it? Search for them on the Youtube! Their speeches are amazing.

It is basically putting the thought in everything that you do. If you are riding the bike, you actually ride the bike. You are saying to yourself that everything is going to be fine along the way, creating riding the bike the way you want to. Actually looking around and enjoy the ride.

Or let’s say getting ready for the work. Consciously choosing the clothes you are going to wear, saying yourself that today is everything going to go smoothly, and that the time will pass very quickly.

Again, segments are this. You are alone in kitchen, somebody else enters the kitchen, that is another segment. Going to the toilet is the third, making yourself a coffee is the fourth, and so on, and so on.

If you practice this, and actually create each of those segments the way you want, it will bring you that great sense of inner peace.

I really hope it will help you!

Tell us what you think about segment intending in a comment section below. ⬇️

You are struggling, fighting with something, that is why you don’t have inner peace. Relax!

You need to learn how to let go, trust, and relax. You can do that by focusing on your breathing and being in the present moment.

I know I wasn’t have that inner peace, because I was trying to figure things out, and my life, like tomorrow. But what if you are never going to figure things out?

And also worry! Worry is huge. How many times you caugh’t yourself worrying for no reason?

We often times think that if we worry, we care. But hey, too much of the worry will bring you where? More of the worrying about! You need to be focused on the solutions. Even seeking for help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. People are dying out there to be asked how they had got there. Actually ask people directions!

I think you need to be at great unease, and has to last for quite some time, to want to be at peace again. If you know what I mean. You can”t live all rainbow and sunshine, and want inner peace. Only if we are in unease, we seek to be at ease again. Life is like a roller coaster, not a straight line.

If you struggle a lot, after some time, you must get bored of it. Struggling is not a natural way of being, but be at ease. And you can’t experience total bliss, if you didn’t be through some dark times.

We grow through contrast. By the contrast I mean some loss, people disappoint you, bad boss, somebody offends you, and so on.

Help someone!

Omg, helping someone can be such a blessing to your life. I once heard somewhere that if you are feeling bad, check maybe you are focused only on you. And that is sooo true.

We often times only think about ourselves. Of what we don”t have, what we would like to have, and so on. And that is ok, don”t get me wrong. But hey, what about the people around you, your closest ones, not that closest ones, strangers? Actually go and help someone, give thanks for example, a hug, kiss, give compliment, a smile…, and watch how you are going to feel. I assure you, you are going to feel amazing.

What you say about that?

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Thanks for that!

Love, Maja!


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