Why do we take life so seriously

Did you take your life so seriously? Are you serious about your life? I think, of course, that you need to be serious about your life, but not seriously go through life, instead, have fun with it.

How often do you have fun? Do you know how to relax? How do you relax?

I still struggle with that. I call myself high achiever, and that is why I take my life so seriously, but I don”t know how to have a fun along the way. Somebody has to teach me that. Or I have to teach myself first.

We should be serious about aiming after our goals. Know our purpose, and why we are here, but again, have fun with it.

Smile more

Do you know how to smile? How often are you smiling? Why do you go to bed feeling exhausted and so serious? Instead, go to bed with a smile on your face, because you did a great job today, and now is the time to rest. Feeling happy going to bed, knowing that we did best of ourselves today, and that tomorrow is the new day.

Nobody taught us that life supposed to be fun. What do you think about that? Do you think life supposed to be fun and playful? I think in fact, that life supposed to be this way. We forgot to be playful, try things out, taste things, take a risks.

Humour and high seriousness… Perfect bedfellows, I think. Though I usually phrase it in terms of comedy and darkness. Comedy without darkness rapidly becomes trivial. And darkness without comedy rapidly becomes unbearable. Mark Haddon Source


Laugh at yourself often. How many times you failed in a group of people or you said something stupid? You can laugh at that now. You could laugh at that back then. Laugh at yourself now, laugh at your challenges that you are going through this moment. It can be so freeing.

Open yourself up

What you resist persists and what you allow to be disappears.

Everything truly in life is about what you allow to come to you. I will give you an example now.

True story.

For years I didn”t have a partner in my life. Not somebody with whom I will want to be for a long time. Until the one day when I was finally saying to myself that: “I am opening myself up to a new guy!” And I met someone 2 weeks after.

Keep repeating, that you are opening yourself up, to the things that you want. This is crucial. if you want change in your life. Things are not going to come to you, if you don”t allow them to come to you. Things, as a humans, want to come to those that want them, not the opposite. All is interconnected. I really hope you understand this.

Have faith

Faith is huge! I think one of the reasons we are here on this planet earth is because of the faith and belief. Belief and faith that everything is all right, and that every thing is in perfect order. What do you think about that?

People take things too seriously because they tend to get lost in the moment. To them, only this moment matters. And therefore, no matter what happens at the moment, they tend to give that moment a high degree of significance. Source

Have more fun

We all go to work, and then we go home, and do our tasks, homework stuff. This is boring!

I recently heard from someone who was taking also life too seriously, and someone has told him, and advised him, that he should have more fun. Funny thing happened after that. The person didn”t know what to do. The person had to ask others how to have a fun again. How sad that is?!

If you don”t use something, that something will vanish after some time. You need to use things, in order to make them work for you. If you don”t actually driving your bike, bike will become rusty after some time, and it is going to be harder to drive it. Same thing is about the fun.

Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive. – Elbert Hubbard

Example No. 2

I just spoke with my mother, and she was telling me how she has found 3 wall pictures on Aliexpress site that she would like to put in her living room.

But then also mentioning that she is tired of the pictures that she currently has, and telling me stories how she regrets that she has bought them in the past, because they are very hard to keep clean, away from the dust, and how expensive they were.

I am telling you, that those decisions that you took, and the purchases that you made in the past, happened because you wanted them to be. Do you understand?

She wanted those wall pictures, she had at that time money to buy them, and she has bought them. Instead of feeling guilty, she has to be grateful that she has had them, enjoyed them, and now don”t needing them anymore.

Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive. – Elbert Hubbard

Learn from your mistakes

Look at the mistakes like learning curves. Don”t be afraid to take another new action if you have already failed. Mistakes are proof that you are trying. You should praise yourself, not beat yourself up. Those that are successful now, they did more mistakes that you ever did in all your past life. So continue to take massive action and never give up.

You are more than you think

People often think that they are their thoughts, they are their actions, they are their career. But this is not true at all. You are more than you think. There are so many layers of you undiscovered. So don’t take yourself seriously now, and know that this can be changed.

What do you think about whether we should take our lives seriously or not?

I think, taking your life seriously, but have a fun with it, is the key.

What do you think about that?

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Which one you liked the most? 🙂


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