How to stop beating yourself up

Many people are champions in beating themselves up. Are you too one of them? I used to find all the reasons to blame me, to blame government, to blame myself, not believing in myself. That is bullshit! You have every single moment choice to starting fresh. Everyone has!

Like, every second you can turn your life around, every and each second. Your decisions shape your future. Your decisions today, will determine how your tomorrow is going to look like? Isn”t that fascinating?

By beating yourself up, you miss on something huge, the moment now, you miss on the life, and the life is in the moment. Life is not tomorrow, or what we had done in the past, the life is not past, the life is now. So stop beating yourself up!

Sunrise or sunset

Just stop

The moment you notice that you have destructive thoughts and you are feeling down, just stop yourself, and focus to something else. To stop momentum, I like to take a shower, or open my favorite book and read. Just to distract myself.

We definitely need to learn how to detach ourselves from beating ourselves up, being hard on ourselves, and making ourselves miserable. Your only job in the world should be, to make yourself feel good. So let”s make ourselves feel good at all times, and how are we going to do that, by focusing on the good in our lives, and where we wanna go.

Snap out of it

If you are right now in misery state, and you feel like nothing comes your way, just snap yourself out of it. Literally say: “Snap out of it!” and make that snap with your fingers. 😀 What you can do after that, just go and do something that will make you feel better.

Go and take a shower, go for a walk, play with the pet, read a book, listen uplifting music. By the way, here is the song that I love so much, when I need some confidence, and belief in myself boost. Really hope you will like it.

Focus on the good

Really, you can do the miracles only by focusing on the good. Admit that to yourself or not, we all sometimes only see the things in our lives that doesn”t go well. That is OK, and I like to call these days: “down days”. What goes up, must come down, that is in our nature.

What serves me, and gives me that good feeling, I like to make a list, every now and then, about the things that are going well in my life. And I have pretty long list every time I write it. The beautiful part is, that I start to feel good about myself and my life. I am no more focused on the things that I still don”t have in my experience. Good, right?!

Count your blessings

Comparison with other people can be so destructive. There are the good comparisons though, comparison to who you were yesterday. This is the good comparison.

Like, you and me are having a parents that are still alive, hopefully, somebody else doesn”t have that blessing to be with them.

A person who built a business that doesn”t enjoy anymore, and you are at the beginning, you can create an amazing company, so creative, that would everybody enjoy, and have a benefit from it. This is the example of the good comparison. You get the point?!

Accept where are you now

Say to yourself: “The Damage Has Been Done!” I use this phrase or affirmation every now and then when I am hard on myself.

The most important thing after that is: “What are you going to do after that?”. What are you going to do about it? You see, many people doesn”t learn from their mistakes, they keep repeating same old mistakes, and yet they question their ability.

You are learning from your mistakes. And mistakes are not mistakes, they are only learning curves. Do you want to learn something new? Make a mistake, please!

Laugh at yourself

Laughter is medicine. How many times throughout the day you smile, really smile from the heart? It is a medicine, believe me.

Put smile now on your face with no reason and hold it, watch how you are going to feel. I assure you that you are going to feel much better, and your overall vibration will rise.

“Would you take better care of yourself
Would you be kinder to yourself
Would you be more forgiving of your human imperfections
If you realized your best friend was yourself?”

-Helen Reddy Source

Black lady
Black girl

Have fun with yourself

Maybe you are trying to achieve something and you have a goal that you wanna achieve. That is wonderful, it really is, and we all should go after something. That gives us drive, it gives us fuel. But the fact that you are still not there, you should not criticize yourself, instead, have fun with researching it, working on it.

Have you ever heard of successful people talking how amazing it is at the top? How they can afford whatever they want. They don”t need to lift a finger. No!? And you never will! They talk how they have got there.

They talk about the journey that they were on. They talk about how do they failed, but still, they raised up again, and tried again. That is what makes successful people successful, it is called persistence.

It is amazing, right? So have fun with the thing that you are going after. That is all that matters. Have fun along the way.

Now your turn!

What do you think about that? How bad is to beat ourselves up? Do you do that to yourself? How does it feel like? Can you refocus on something else, something that brings you joy and satisfaction? Can you do that? Can you easily refocus?

I had so much fun writing this article. It is one of my favorite subject to talk about, because again, I was a champion in beating myself up, until the time I said to myself, enough is enough. The only thing that makes me miserable is me.

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