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Why is focusing on yourself important

Don’t take everything so seriously. Don’t take life so seriously. Don’t take things personally.

There will always be people around you. They will tell stories, do certain things, but you, and only you should take care of you, and know your own truth. What does your gut feeling tells you? What do you think it’s true? Focusing on yourself is so crucial to live happy and fulfilled life. Like, you are never going to be able to help others if you still don”t take care of you.

“Become the person you are trying to meet.”
― Germany Kent

Next time when you are going to be tired, just go and take a rest. You feel like you need a healthy meal, go and make yourself one. You are in group people, notice how they make you feel. Someone been rude to you, notice how you really feel like, what caused them to be rude to you.

How I focus on myself:

I watch how I feel, every day, most of the day. So if I don”t feel good, my vibration is low, or I have negative emotions, I try to lift myself up, by changing my thoughts, doing something that makes me feel happy, spending some more time in nature, etc.

The most important relationship you will develop in this lifetime is the one that you have with yourself.

Again, I am in certain situation that I don”t like, I will ask my friends advice and their opinion, but will truly and honestly ask myself what is deep down the right thing to do for me. Story about that; not that long time ago, I was in situation that I was dating a guy for 10 months, still dating, but never been in relationship. I asked my friends what they would do if they was me, nobody said leave him, everybody said: “just have fun”. I knew that this is not the solution, I wanted more, and I felt like I deserve more, so I was honest with myself, and I broke up with a guy, never looked back, feeling now happier than before.


You don”t wanna live your life thinking about others. Talking about what she wore, how he behaved, and what they were talking about. You wanna focus on how you feel, where are you now, and where would you like to go. It is easy to get distracted. We are living in such a distracting times. People talking about people, politics, disasters, economy, consumerism, when in fact, you can create your dream life in this crazy world. How?! By focusing on yourself. Knowing yourself better, digging deep in what you are capable of, and working towards it.

Focusing on yourself might sound very self-centered, but it will actually help you create balance in your life and set healthy boundaries with the people you love. As you grow and improve yourself, you’ll be able to give more to others.

“Focus on your work. Do what you’re great at. Don’t compare yourself to others and or waste time criticizing the lives and work of others. Do what matters most to you and make a difference doing that.”
― Germany Kent

In order to focus more on yourself and not on others, you should be clear about what is important to you, and what is not. After you have decided and prioritized, the next step is to learn to say “no” very often. Finally, it will be very difficult to focus on yourself when adopting a negative or judging inner voice.

Learning to say no is very important. In a video above I am explaining when you should say no. People who learned when to say no and actually saying it, are the most successful. You wanna be one of them, I am sure.

People will always say stuff. The question is, what do you believe for yourself to be true.

I will never forget when I was dating a guy for 10 months, relationship was casual, but I wanted more. Million times I wanted to say him how I really feel about us, but people were telling me that I should not say anything because I might lose him, so I didn”t. Until the day I realized that I need to say what I really feel if I wanna be happy and have that peace of mind.

What I wanna say is that we all have different opinions about everything. We see the world differently and so people will advise you on how they perceive relationships.

You should be your best friend, partner and the spouse.
Focus On Your Wellbeing

My expansion happened when I focused on me, and what I really really wanted. I was brutally honest with myself and I asked myself what would really make him happy, and that was including open yourself up and be completely honest. His answer was no, but my confidence grew because I stood up for myself and I feel more happier, it”s like I am not carrying baggage anymore, I feel more lighter.

So, I would advise you that you, only focus on you. Digg deep in you and be brutally honest with yourself about what it is you truly want and never, but never accept anything less than that. Universe loves courageous people. Universe loves the ones who are authentic and who know what they want.

I found amazing article written by a female about what happens when you focus on yourself, you can find it here.

I love love love this by her:

You’ll become a better lover, friend, and family member.

Focusing on yourself might sound very self-centered, but it will actually help you create balance in your life and set healthy boundaries with the people you love.

As you grow and improve yourself, you’ll be able to give more to others. As you become happier, you’ll have better relationships with your friends and family. You’ll act as a positive force in their lives when they need it most.

Remember, you don’t have to be selfless. It’s better to strike a balance between meeting your own needs and giving to others.

What are some of your thoughts on that? Do you practicing focusing more on yourself and how it is going? How much is important to you? Tell us in a comment section below.

Yours sincerely,




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