How To Overcome Shyness

Shyness in the another word is Introvert as well. We are not meant to be closed, shy, quiet, not feeling good.

I personally had a very big problem with being shy when I was very young. I”ve been to counselor and I was taking a medicines. I see now, all the kids that are very young, are very shy, and I think that is normal, but growing up, being 10 year old or more, for example, and still being shy, is not a normal thing.

I am not sure what really happened to me that I changed, but as time was going by, I realized, to holding things inside me, not being able to express them, will not bring any good to me and others around me. It was very frustrating not being able to express myself back then.

Today, I am very loud when I speak. I can approach anybody. I can ask anything. Why? How? Because I realized that if you wanna grow as a person, and do the most out of yourself, you need to face those fears.

I remember when I was used to live in one flat with two girls. We all had our own rooms. That day their friends came to visit them. The house was full of people and I was in my room, needed to go to bathroom, but was so shy to go out of the room and being seen by them. So I was holding…

People do all kinds of things to not expose themselves, but is that really healthy. You don”t wanna live life full of fears.

There is so many books that can help you with “How To Overcome Shyness?”. You can find a courses, teachings, podcasts. This one is my favourite. A guy had very exact problem, the one that we was holding…

Being shy can cost you a lot. I am still struggling to get in front of the camera and speak publicly, but you know what? I am doing it anyway. I am practicing it everyday. By not doing anything, you will never be able to find out what your true potential is, and we are this, people with great potential.

It is much nicer to feel freer. Today I am making jokes, making people laugh, dancing and singing in the places where people don”t usually do these things. When you are who you truly are, you don”t need any approval on the outside. You simply know what are you doing and why you doing it, and that is all what matters.

Think outside of the box might sound like a cliche to you, but it really is that way. Think of yourself and your actions. Will that get you to the place you wanna be? Please, you wanna live the life to the fullest, everybody does, admit that to yourself, be really honest with yourself, and everyday do the small baby steps towards the freedom to express yourself freely, and overcome that shyness.

Again the Shyness and Social Anxiety System was created by Sean Cooper, a former social anxiety sufferer. Learn how to overcome your quietness, erase your insecurities and be confident around people using proven psychology HERE.

I really wish you to realize that life is beautiful, that we should freely express ourselves and know that you are really unique.

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6 thoughts on “How To Overcome Shyness”

  1. Thank you for sharing. Just want to say I really resonate with what you say since I also had issues with shyness for a period of time. That was until I realise I feel much happier and freer when I am able to express myself, good or bad, and I gradually was able to slowly come out of my my shells. I also had the exact same issue you mentioned when I was sharing house at one point with the bathroom. I laughed when I read that 😂 Again, thank you for the post.

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    1. Happy to made you laugh. 😀 Thanks so much for commenting. Things like this with the bathroom are the ones when you hit the rock bottom, you embarrassing yourself, and from this point down, you can just go up. I believe you heard the one: “What goes down, must go up!” It takes time for things like this to improve, but is not impossible. Beautiful things happened to me since I am being myself, and can do it for you too. Thanks again! Love, Maja!

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  2. Thanks so much for commenting my post. No, you are not the only one. No one ever has been, and will be alone. We all go through same stuff. The first step is to realize, and then accept your shyness, the second one is do the small little steps towards facing these fears. Believe me, it is much freer to live freely. I wish you all the best with that!


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