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What do you think? Is it a good mindset crucial to have a healthy relationships, business, to be good with parenting and school? I think proper mindset is a must have if you wanna live a happy and fulfilling life.

Now, you might be thinking what is mindset actually and how do you make a good one.

Your mindset is your collection of thoughts and beliefs that shape your thought habits.  And your thought habits affect how you think, what you feel, and what you do.  Your mind-set impacts how you make sense of the world, and how you make sense of you.

What are your beliefs about yourself and world? Do you think you can change your mindset over a time ans start believing in everything.

Now, I shared with you the paragraph about what Mindset is from the website called

I bought this book a months ago. Book is by Carol S. Dweck, started to reading, but I stopped because I didn”t feel like it to continue, I wasn”t ready. Until I listened some speech that guy recommended this book and came to realization how I already have this book. I read this book like a drinking water, sip by sip, until the end.

I loved it.

Which mind-set do you have? Do you have a Fixed or Growth mindset. It is all about that. There are the one who will always see something bad in every situation, while people who have a Growth mindset are able to convert life”s setbacks into a future success.

Are you going to brag about your past situation that happened for you, talking about this in a bad way, or will you turn that into a fuel for making your life work no matter what? The choice is yours!

Students! Beautiful students. Getting ready for a real thing called life. But if you are not aware of your Mindset in a student years, it will be much harder you change your mind in a later years.

There are the ones that are trying to constantly in proving their ability, and the ones that are minding their own business, the ones that are just wanna learn. That”s why they are there, and that”s why we are here. To learn and grow. That is the difference between Fixed and Growth Mindset. I hope it is much clearer now for you.

Ask yourself: “Am I a learner or a non learner?!” Am I going to learn a lessons from every situation or will I just leave as it is, not doing anything about it.

Love relationships, or romantic relationships.

There are this couples that are encouraging each others and the one that are sabotaging each others. Ego is a good thing, but only if you are going to hold your ego under control. There are so many relationships that are couples competing with each others. If you decided to be with your partner, that should be a partnership, not a competition. Put your partner on a pedestal, make them feel perfect, worship them. There is no greater feeling than helping people, in this situation your partner, building that relationship for life.

If you are only doing things that are easy shame on you. Go through life doing for change a hard things. Give best of yourself, and if we are talking about relationships, give every day after day some more to your partner, it is worth.

If you think it”s very hard to build your abilities, it is, but one step at a time. You are able to change your abilities. You are able to do anything what you set your mind to. Work on your weaknesses. Change you Mindset – Change Your Life.

If you failed for example in something lately. By failing I mean you didn”t met your expectations, but after each failing you are one step closer to your success that you want to. “Failing” at something just means you have a lack of experiences and skills. Know where you failed, and work on it. Work on your skills. That so called “failures” can be a motivation for you, to sharpen your abilities and skills.

By what do you wanna be remembered? Do you wanna be remembered who has a positive mind, meaning Growth Mindset, or do you wanna be remembered as a just one in many and have a Fixed Mindset? There is a tremendous difference! Relax and plug yourself in learning mode, stop struggling and embrace your greatness.

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Plug yourself on greatness, let go of the Fixed mindset and know that if you don”t know how to do something, achieve anything, doesn”t mean you cannot find out how to do that. There are so much sources, be resourceful, open your mind, and commit yourself to find a solution, no matter what, if you really want something. Where there is a will, there is a way!

People tend to put labels on everything. If they thing about someone how week this person is, they think that person will stay this way. If you are week, if you think of yourself as a week person, be honest with yourself, admit to yourself your true beliefs, and ask yourself is this what you really want, ask yourself do you wanna continue to be a “week” person. If your answer is not, commit to learning, one step a time do something that can strengthen you.

Don”t put a labels on something on someone. Know that that thing or person can change eventually if they really want to.

I remember a day when friend of mine asked me to complete a survey about the characters that people have, as she wanted to know in what group I belong. Before of that she talked about herself and the characteristics that she have in such a passion, like finally that defined her. That is not definite, nothing is definite. Everything can be changed in a matter of second.

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I hope it became clearer to you now what mindset is and difference between Fixed and Growth Mindset. If you wanna learn more about Mindset I am warmly recommending this book called Mindset by Carol S. Dweck.

To your Growth mindset,


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