Deliberate Receiving

When people get something they don’t want, they make up reasons for what that”s OK. They all assume that there”s judgment involved. Someone or something decided to intervene and give you something you don’t want. Someone or something has more power over your reality than you do. It doesn’t matter what you order, Amazon and iTunes and eBay decide what you get.

Process is always the same:

1. Go to the correct place to find what you”re looking for.

2. Search for it.

3. Select it.

4. And then receive it

Attracting money

You can’t just focus on money to get money. You have to take a look at what money represents to you and how it feels, and then check on whether or not you”re aligned with that. To try to attract something without feeling worthy of it is useless. You have to know first that you deserve that and that you are worthy. Then, and only then you are ready to attract thing you desire with full trust. Make sure to be an honest to yourself first.

Emotions are everything

You want this thing, achieve that, attract him because you think that will bring you a good emotions. Go the shortcuts and first feel good. That dream partner want to be with you feeling good. So, make sure to feel good FIRST and only then work on attracting him/her.

Your emotion is your first manifestation.

Thoughts, memories and ideas are all manifestations. Notice that thoughts come AFTER emotions in the progression. You can tell by how you feel if you”re continuing with the progression or not.

Release Resistance

We all want to feel good. This is true to everyone, even the most miserable among us. We, like all beings, are wired to seek pleasure and to avoid pain. So why is it that so many of us are still in so much pain? Unless the game is broken, which it isn’t, why would we even include the ability to create so much crap? Why are we so good at filling our holographic realities with so much unwanted stinky foot mush and so bad at filling them with chocolate-filled swimming pools?

Let”s get one thing straight. No one wants to suffer. No one wants to be in pain. No living thing will ever willingly and consciously move away from pleasure and towards pain, not even humans. It may often seem like we”re running towards the suffering, but what we”re really doing is running away from something even worse. No exceptions.

If you see two options, you will always choose the better-feeling one (according to your perspective). Someone from the outside could easily see a third option that holds a lot less suffering and wonder why you didn’t choose that one. They might even try to persuade you to take that third option and then call you an idiot for not choosing it. But what they don’t see is that you hold a perspective that filters out that third option, making it completely unavailable to you.

A belief is an automated thought, opinion or reaction.

Every thought, opinion, reaction, decision or perspective you”ve accepted as “true”, and therefore keep repeating, can be considered a belief. If you”ve made decision that you like Bob, for example, and every time you see or hear of or even think of Bob, you do so from the perspective of liking him, it won’t take long before your brain will automate the process. So, when you see Bob, you”ll automatically have a smile on your face. You”ll automatically give him the benefit of the doubt when you hear something negative about him. You invite him to your parties, look for him, interact with him, talk to him in a friendly voice, use friendly body language and eye contact, and attribute positive qualities to him that you may never have seen him demonstrate. You”ve made your decision about Bob, and you keep applying it to him every time he shows up in your reality.

On the other hand, if you decide that you hate Bob, every time you see or hear of or even think of Bob, you do so from the perspective of hating him. It won’t take long before your brain will automate the process.

Most of our older beliefs were not chosen to maximize joy, but to minimize pain. A belief can serve you by simply being less painful than its alternative. 

And yet, we are so reluctant to change that we”re not willing to give up beliefs even when they”re clearly painful, even when they”re obviously getting in our own way. What gives? Are we, as a species, insane? I mean, it would explain a lot…But no. We”re not crazy. We simply have some, what I call “core beliefs” that are getting in our way.

You can, in fact, change any belief by,

1. Recognizing that your current belief is based on an incomplete set of data.

2. Opening up your mind to the idea that more data, much of which will NOT support your current perspective, exists.

3. Deciding which perspective you”d like to adopt (or just how you want that perspective to feel).

4. Looking for the evidence to support that new, wanted perspective.

5. Gathering enough of that supporting data so that you can accept this new perspective as “truth”.


We make statements such as “I don’t know… maybe… I mean It”s got to be possible, right? But how? Arrrrrrrrgh! As we entertain our doubts, we feel frustration. When you take responsibility, you believe that you will actually get the outcome you want. You are in charge of determining what you want and you will get it. When we get a glimpse of just how powerful, spectacular and grand we are, it can shake us up.

Everyone who ever changed the world in their own way, everyone who ever accomplished huge dreams had to, at one point in their lives, make the decision to stop caring completely about what others thought, and just go for it. 


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