How to let go?

What If I told you that you’re never gonna achieve your dreams? What would you do? What if I can see your future and told you that nothing is gonna happen that you desire at this moment? What would you do?

I listened today one youtube video and got inspired. You would want to be a happy now with what you have, but how to be happy with what you have now and not wanting what you wish for? By being grateful what you already have. Counting all the blessings that you have now. For the roof over your head, someone is homeless now. For the hot water in the shower, someone’s boiler got broke today. Peace that you have in your room, someone is sharing their room with two more people, and cannot do anything without their presence. Appreciate that!

So, your dream is to become a entrepreneur? You wanna have that financial, time and location freedom. You think that only by becoming an entrepreneur you cam become free. What if I tell you that I can see a bigger picture and not seeing you as an entrepreneur in your future?

You will want to appreciate your 9-5 job and try to find all the good things about this job. Remember that someone is praying for what you already have now. Appreciate that, and be grateful.

So, how to let go of some things? By appreciating for what you already have.

It’s that simple!

Love ya all!

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Much love!



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