Sending love.

I know that you are sending lovely messages. I do that too. Everybody does. Everybody has somebody to love. A friend, spouse or parent. But do you sending love to your work coleague. Try it! It’s easy, and makes you and him/her feeling better.

I heard this year ago how people can feel your vibe, how they can sense are you radiating love or something completely opposite. They will automatically feel better in your presence not even knowing it.

I will prove that to you now; When you are present with somebody who is constantly complaining. How do you feel like? Or you are with somebody who is passionate about life, love people, they are smiling all the time and talking inspiring storyes, how they are planing to do this and that. Of course, that person will lift your spirit up. Be more often with this kind of persons. Persons who are not affraid of anything. Persons who’s spirit is so alive, awake.

Try today! Let’s imagine! You are in the queue in shop. Try to focus on person in front of you and think of him or her in a lovely way. Say to yourself; Than person has a really nice jacket! Or, that person might buying now food for his or her child, and after the meal they will play. Think of him or her, and see their smile. Imagine a big red heart on their back. I assure you, do not be surprised, if they turn around and say something to you, give you a smile, that is because they could felt your radiation of love.

Don’t believe me?!

Try it!

With love,



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