Your future you wants you to read

How are you? No really, truly, how are you? You don’t need to answer me, answer to yourself. Be honest with yourself. And, if the answer is negative, or you have that gut feeling that something is wrong, know that you can change that negative state every moment. Start by little. In order something to be changed, you gotta change something. Start with putting your favorite song, for example, once per day, and dance like no one watch. You will instantly feel better. Meditate 15min, just lie down and exist, do nothing, and focus on your breath. You will instantly feel better.

And you wanna read! You wanna broaden your mind. Just by reading, you are seeing bigger picture.

Reading changed my life. I see how everything is possible. I kinda lived their lives. I could feel their feelings, I could see what they were seeing.

I will wrap up now here and encourage you to read. Read inspirative books, books that can change you for the better.

See you in another Blog Post.

With love,



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