Think Like a Champion by Donald J. Trump

How are you there? I am great! So fired up about reading books, and for now I am going to do a little book review about Think like a champion by Donald Trump. Here is a picture of this lovely American toupee guy :), who is currently 45th President of the United States.

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I loved his book. Who would say that this guy has a time to write. Do you know that Donald Trump wrote at least 10 books? He is not earning money of his written books, he is a builder, builder of skyscrapers. His buildings are most beautiful, luxury and expensive, ever seen building. That is what he does for his life. Here is a picture of his one of the many buildings in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.

Trump Tower - NYC

Do you think that Donald is bored and that”s why he is writing his books? Or he is trying to earn some extra money? I don’t think so! I think he is trying to help us through the books. He is trying to teach us how to do the life and business. And he can, because I believe he been through a lot, that”s why I give him credit for, because he is an example, for me. He knows that books are one of the best ways to reach people.

I loved his book Think Like a Champion because book is written in small stories. It is easier to read book in small section or paragraph, especially his stories about how is all connected with business and riches.


“As long as you are going to be thinking anyway, think big.”
Donald J. Trump


Here are all the titles in his book and what you can expect:

  • Barack Obama Election Ushers in a Different World
  • Essays, Assets, and Stephen King
  • Innovation
  • The Importance of Bing Team Player
  • An Early Thanksgiving
  • Learning Is a New Beginning
  • Learn to Think on Your Feet
  • Strive for Wholeness
  • Give Your Higher Self a Chance
  • Wisdom
  • The More You Learn, The More You Realize What You Don’t Know
  • Think Like a Champion
  • I View My Work as an Art Form
  • Building Connected Thoughts
  • Confronting Your Fears
  • Imagination: A Key to Financial Savvy
  • Is Business Success a Natural Talent
  • Keep it Short, Fast, and Direct
  • Have the Right Mindset for the Job
  • Momentum Is Something You Have to Work at to Maintain
  • Learn From Setbacks and Mistakes
  • Tell People About Your Success
  • Prescience
  • The Shock Market
  • Financial Literacy
  • Destiny
  • Each Sucess Is the Beginning of the Next One
  • There Are Tines When You Should Move On
  • Keep the Big Picture In Mind
  • Get the Best People You Can
  • Winners See Problems as Just Another Way to Prove Themselves
  • Scotland: You”re hired!
  • Develop a Tempo When You”re Working
  • You Can Better Your Best at Any Time
  • They Thought I Was Doing So Well
  • It”s Not Personal – It”s Business
  • Think Like a Genius
  • Go Against the Tide
  • Think Positively
  • People Have Different Ways of Achieving Results
  • Discover and Live Your Purpose
  • Set the Standard
  • Go With Your Gut
  • Know You Audience
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Rogue Wave
  • Building Your Reputation
  • “The Harder I Work, the Luckier I get”
  • How to Get Rich
  • Work With People You Like
  • In Addition to Business: What the Successful Person Needs to Know

Quite a lot Donald Trump wrote in this book about. If you wanna achieve success like he is living now, he should be your role model, and you should listen people like him, read these kinds of books. Forbes estimates his net worth to be $3.1 billion. Do you know how many zeros a billion has? A 9! 1,000,000,000.

Book keeps you interesting. In all those little stories, Trump explains, what has happened and how he dealt with it. Book is about Informal Education in Business and Life. New York Times bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki said: ” Donald”s wisdom is priceless – it”s the perfect book at the perfect time”:


“It doesn`t hurt to get more education.”
Donald J. Trump

Donald J. Trump is the Chairman and President of The Trump Organization. He is the preeminent developer of quality real estate around the world. Making the Trump brand synonymous with the gild standard. His commitment to excellence extends from his real estate holdings to the entertainment industry. As the star and co-producer of the NBC hit series The Apprentice, to his award – winning golf courses and skyscrapers, his business acumen is unparalleled. His Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue has become one of the most famous landmark buildings in New York City, and his Trump International Hotel & Tower in New York City has received the coveted Mobil Five – Star Award. He is the archetypal businessman – a deal maker without peer and an Arden philanthropist. Very few people know that I am going to live in New York City, now everybody will know. 🙂

Opportunities are around every corner

” I may be successful already, but I learn something new every day.” Donald J. Trump


Over the years, Donald Trump has written many bestselling books, but he has also written shorter essays which encompass his philosophy about how to live life to the fullest, both personally and professionally. In these pieces, which have been personally selected by Donald Trump for this book, he gives his special perspective in what amounts to an “informal education” about success in business and in life. His insights are engaging, educational, and informative and give a very clear window into the mind and heart of this extraordinary and successful man.


Of course, not every book is for everybody. If I enjoyed these little stories which are priceless doesn’t mean you too will resonate with them. This book is for ones who wanna grow professionally, personally and spiritually.

My rating:

4.0 / 5.0

Have you read it? What’s your takeaways and favourite quotes? Feel free to share. For more about the author Think like a champion in Amazon

Think Positive, Think Different.

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