High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard

As you guys probably know that I am into self development lately and that I love reading books. How this book came into my lap is a funny story. You know the adds that constantly showing up on your computer? That how I”ve been annoyed by his book, Brendons. So I thought, if I purchase that book, the ads will stop, but they never will. 😀 Technology!

Anyway, the book is amazing. I have learned a lot, and here is the picture;

Click here to buy your own copy​​

I am gonna give you one tip and trick of how to read a book. Actually, I filmed a video of what am I doing when I read. It helps me a lot, I hope it will you too. It”s here.​

Brendon talks a lot about the habbits of highly successful people. And he considers these 6 habbits that a crucial to be successful in every areas of your life. They are:

  1. Seeking clarity; What do you want out of life? What is important to you?​ What are your dreams and desires?
  2. Generating energy; Do you taking care about raising your energy level every day? Are you taking care about your body and nutrition?
  3. Raising necesity; What is important for you? What are you striving for? What are your musts?
  4. Increasing productivity; I know you are working hard every day, we all do, but are you feeling productive in these your everyday assignments?
  5. Developing influence; Do you know what influence means? Do you influencing people around you every day in positive or negative way?
  6. Demonstrating courage; How to be more courageous? Why is important to be courageous and act despite of fear?

I have wrote a blog post about the“Feel the fear and do it anyway”​. Read this article as well. A book is very popular. Changed many lives.


Now let”s get on a point!

People are lost these days. You may think how somebody lives a happy and fulfilled life, but that may not be the case. You never know what is happening in his head and in his house when the door is closing. We are so distracted by the shiny objects, we don”t know anymore what is important and what is the meaning of all of this.

Often times, people know where they wanna be in the future, what are their hopes and desires, but they don”t know where to start. They are chasing their dreams and working towards, but feel fear about what people might say. That is draining emotion.You should never think about what people say about you. They don”t think about you. They think what you think about them! Keep that in mind. You just need a practice. Keep doing what you are doing, and you will see that you will stay alive. Focus on this; “I might help someone with this!”


​50 years ago it was easier to live. Back then, you knew the rules, and you couldn”t break them. It was; you came to this company, stayed with them for about the 50 years, then retired. Back then we didn”t have a TV”s, computer and all the entertaining shows. We didn”t have all the shiny objects. Today, if you are gonna search on google; “How to lose weight?”, and you get a ton of informations poping up, of course that you are going to be owerwhelmed. You don”t know what is right product for you. And that is fine! We live today in a material world, to learn how not to be distracted takes practice.

With the right habits, anyone can dramatically increase results and become a high performer in almost any field of endeavor.


​It is not about achieving success in every areas of your life. It is not about to be recognized and a famous. It is about enjoying every single moment as best as you can, feeling joyful, confident anf fully engaged to the task that you are doing that comes from being your best self.

Lots of people have amazing strengths, talents, but they are lacking in health or social connections. They are too atached to the career and they forget about them and their partners needs. It”s sad! We should all take care about every areas of our lives. Key is in balance!

I care that you succeed and have a healthy life full of positive emotions and energy.


​High performers are more successful than their peers, yet they are less stressed.

​It is not that high performers are not stressed, it is that they cope with stress much better than their peers. Learn how to not stressed yourself too much, be at calm, breathe deeply and except things as they are, and yet, strive for the better avery single moment.

High performers love challenges and are more confident that they will achieve their goals despite adversity.

​Too many people avoid any sense of hardship in their lives. They fear they can”t handle it or that they”ll be judged or rejected. But high performers are different. It”s not that they lack any self-doubt at all. It”s that they look forward to trying new things and they believe in their abilities to figure things out.

High performers are healthier than their pears.

​They eat better. They workout more. The top 5 percent of high performers are 40 percent more likely to exercise three times per week. Everyone wants health, but they may think they have to trade it for sucess. They”re wrong. In survey after survey, we find high performers to be more energized – mentaly, emotionally, and phisically – that their peers.

I hope you”ll guys find this valuable. If you find this book as one you have to read, do that because of yourself, your high performance in future. Investing is always a great option.

Love ya all!



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