What is Your Intention Point


Whats your Intention?

Hi ya!

A cover of the book on a picture and the one which you can buy over Amazon site HERE are not the same, but content is completely the same. It”s all same law, The Power of Intention.

I am going to cover here what are your Intentions, for example, if you talk about another people. Are they good or bad. Are you talking about another people just to lift your ego up, or you are talking about another people, to inspire others. There are two completely different things. What are your Intentions?

What goes around, comes around

The book is beautiful. I have read that book in 3 days. It keeps you interested, and it is so easy to read. It has 256 pages, and I always underline some sentences that resonated with me. I have had that book for about a year I think. I bought in a book store and never opened till now. I wasn’t ready, even though I”ve been always interested in these things.

What are You Inteded to Do

I have made screenshot about the definition of the word Intention, just to make you clear. You might not thought about the Intentions, but It”s very powerful to know and be aware about the WHY are you doing some certain things.

I”m going to walk you through some of the contents now:

  • It is my Intention to: Respect Myself at All Times
  • It is My Intention to: Live My Life on Purpose
  • It is My Intention to: Be Authentic and Peaceful with All of My Relatives
  • It Is My Intention to: Feel Successful and Attract Abundance into My Life

I believe you get the point now! It is sooo powerful to set the good Intentions!

Intentions and It”s force are everywhere. Try to be still every day from now on. Try to observe and really listen what are people saying and how are they behave. You can learn a lot. To can learn a lot just by Listening people and Listening your Intuition.

Why are they saying and what are they saying?

You are not here by accident

You came into this physical body by some Intention. You will have to discover by what Intention. There was a time when you were an embryo, before that a seed, and before that a formless energy. That formless energy contained intention, which brought you from no where to now here. At the very highest levels of awareness, intention started you on a path toward your destiny. The face of creativity to create and co-create anything that you direct your power of intention toward. Creative energy is a part of you; it originates in the life -giving Spirit that intends you.

You are what you think about

Let”s say you were dating one guy/girl. You were having so much fun together and you were falling in love with that person. Just before he has to come on a scheduled time, you felt those butterflies in your stomach, and your whole body shaked. That how you know that you are close to falling in love. Until he comes, and tells you a lie. You know It”s a lie, because you heard from him another version of this story. Now everything falls apart. You decided to break every contact with this person because you value and honor yourself. You are not allowing to anybody treats you that way (lies to you), and you block this person on every way, because you value and honor yourself. That is your Intention, valuing and honoring yourself, and that is good Intention. You didn’t block this person just to make him/or her suffer, or questioning what has happened to him or her. Your intentions are good, and you don’t need to worry about anything.

You are not your thoughts

For example, if you aren’t doing what you love and loving what you do, your power of intention is weakened. You attract into your life more of the dissatisfaction that isn’t the face of love. Consequently, more of what you don’t love will appear in your life. Thoughts and emotions are pure energy; some higher and faster than others. You are not your title. You are not just a doctor, electrician or manager. That”s the title of your body and It”s awareness at this time. If you shift your awareness to something different, you can become whatever you want. Where is your focus now? Is it on attaining love or hatred? Ask yourself this question, you don’t need to answer me. Never stop questioning yourself about your intentions. Are they good or bad. What are you trying to create?

Changing your mind is changing your relationships

Being authentic and peaceful is only a thought away. You can learn to change your thoughts by intending to create authentic and peaceful feelings within yourself. No one is capable of making you upset without your consent, and you”ve given your consent too frequently in the past. When you begin practicing the intention to be authentic and peaceful, you withdraw your consent to be in the lower energy. You connect to peace itself, and decide to bring peace of your relatives, thereby immediately gaining the power to change the energy of family gatherings. That is the Power of Intention. It is that powerful. Ask yourself: “Am I doing something wrong in this relationship?” If you are not satisfied with you relationships that”s the sign that you need to change something. In order something to change, you have to change. You need to make-up your mind.

You are not your stuff

While It”s crucial for you to have a firm vibrational match-up with the all creating abundance of intention, It”s just as crucial for you to know that you can’t hang on to and own any of the abundance that will be coming your way. This is because the you that would like to hang on to and become attached to your success and your wealth is not really you, It”s that troublesome ego of yours. You”re not what you have and what you do; you”re an infinite, divine being disguised as a successful person who has accumulated a certain amount of stuff. The stuff in not you. This is why you must avoid being attached to it in any way.

I am going you leave you now with these powerful content. I hope that you will questioning yourself from now on about intentions, and why are you doing what are you doing. It”s very powerful. Be the one who inspires others and do good in this lifetime of yours.

I am inviting you now to leave a comment what are you thinking about these words, and is it helpful. I hope you will find this content interesting, and if so, please feel free to share, and follow my blog.

To your success,



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