My thoughts about Think and Grow Rich book, very powerful

Power Thoughts

This Book I read just in 3 days. It is very easy to read, even though there are some parts, stories that I didn’t understand. Book contains the words, sentences and the stories that you would never thought how and why is that connected to riches. But it is. Your love life is connected to you success at work, your connection with oneself with outer world etc.

That book is a must have if you wanna attain riches. I read this book I think now third time, and always I read and understand more. I don’t know have you ever heard of Bob Proctor, if you are into self development, you must have heard about him. He was carrying this book in his pocket for about 20 years and studying the laws of the riches. Here is a link on YouTube where you can see Bob Proctor”s review of this book. It”s worth to see; Please click here

It is one of the most influential book of all time in pointing the way of personal achievement and financial freedom. Book is about what to do it, and how to do it. Often times we love to be told what to do, because sometimes we can be lost, so this book would be perfect example to the ones who wanna be financially free, and wants to attain riches. I suggest to you to underscore some parts, sentences what resonates with you. By doing so, you can easily come back whenever you want and just read it again, remind yourself what was important for you, and what resonated with you.

Have faith in oneself

Are you aware of what are you thinking? Are you aware of that little voice in your head: “They might fire me.” Thought”s become things. Do not feed yourself with thoughts that doesn’t serve you. It”s worthless, rather feed your mind where you wanna be in the future, that will give you enthusiasm and energy to go forward. Please, be aware of what are you thinking. Do you think riches or poverty? It”s all about that, and that much thoughts are so powerful. Focus on positive, not negative. OK?!

Imagine just a man that really wants something. Imagine a man that have a burning desire for something. He doesn’t know how he will achieve that, but the burning desire and just a one and first step forward will show him the way and he is sure to win. What do you really want? Close your eves for a moment, see yourself in perfect circumstance, and see in your minds eye how are you feeling in the midst of this situation. You will instantly feel much better, and that will lead you, consciously, or unconsciously to this same success.

Are you really ready for change in your life? Are you sick and tired to live paycheck to paycheck, then you gotta change something. “When the student is ready, teacher will shop up.”

You don’t need to have anything to start with, you do not need money now, to make money. All you need is a capacity to know what you wanna do in life, how much money you wanna be willing to earn. That”s it! Clear picture of where you wanna be, and determination. Determined to succeed.

For example; I just recently started to write this Blog about the book reviews. Of course that I don’t see any results, and didn’t earn anything, but I am determend to help people, determent to give them tools and techniques of how to achieve financial and personal freedom, that fulfillment that everybody desires.

I had one Blog and 6 years ago, but I quit, because didn’t show any results. Imagine just situation that I continued to write that Blog I would be free of working 9 to 5, that”s for sure. Do not quit if you start something! Now I started to write this Blog again, but I won’t quit. I wanna be able to work from anywhere in the world and be financially free, wanna reach my full potential.

One flash of idea is all you need. If you have an idea, do not neglect that. That thought came to you for a reason. If your impulse after reading this lines is to buy a book, just do it. Books and investments in yourself, in your knowledge is a must have if you wanna succeed in life. It shows you how to attain greatness. You Can Buy it Here. The principles described in this book contain ways and means of creating useful ideas. You must”ve heard that riches comes to those who work hard and long. That”s not true at all! When you begin to think and grow rich, you will observe that riches begin with a state of mind, with definiteness of purpose, with little of no hard work.

If you are going to educate yourself why are some rich people becoming richer and the poor poorer, your financial status will begin to improve, and everything you touch will begin to transmute itself into an asset for your benefit. Impossible? Not at all! Do you using word impossible, or do you hanging out with people who often times say “impossible”? One of the main weaknesses of mankind is the average man”s familiarity with the word “impossible”. He knows all the rules which will not work. Can you believe now that we can transport ourselves in just a few hours in one metal tube called airplane. How crazy is just to think about this thing. Why? It”s just a White Brothers didn’t give up. They failed thousands time, but succeeded thousand and one.

This book teaches you of fundamental truths about riches. Why riches stick to some people, while on others don’t. You are the master of your faith. There can be something written in the stars, and you cannot change that, but now you have the power of where are you going to be focused, where you wanna be in the future, and what do you wanna do. For the sake of that, please educate yourself in order to help yourself first, only then you are going to be able to help others. Be leading example, and buy this book NOW. You will broaden your mind of what is achievable.

To your success!



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