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Learn to Earn​​

Hello there! I just finished reading this lovely book about building your own business. That book was sooo easy to read. I read that book in a day and a half, and my mother tongue language is not English. It was that easy to read, and I got so much of it, understanding of how businesses works, why they don”t work, and what to do about that.

We all know that, much of the businesses don”t last more than a year. Why is that? It”s because we are trying to be a Recruiter, Manager, Entrepreneur, Cleaner and Technician all at the same time. That”s called: overwhelming, burn-out, multitasking, tired, lost in time and space. What we ca do about that? We have to do the tasks one at the time. You are never going to be productive if you are doing three tasks at the same time. You shall focus just on one, and do just ones in which you are good at, hire the staff for ones that you least love, or don”t know how to complete them. It”s that easy.

I highlighted some sentences in the book that resonated with me, so I”m going to share with you now some of them below.

When it comes to business and me, I”ve been working i family business that I loved, but I never been happy and completely satisfied, because we worked hard. I learned the lessons on a hard way. Of course that we grew our business after a years, but now I realized if we would just working smart, more that a hard, our business would be bigger now.

All of that this book teaches you and much more. You can find it here: https://amzn.to/2N3Yjzw​

Ok, now I”m going to share with you some insights of the book.

Many people who goes into business are trying to be the three persons at once: The Entrepreneur, The Manager, and The Technician.

Buy it NowThat”s why most businesses fail. We should pursue Balance.​ Balance is the key in life and business. Instead, most of the time small business owner 70 percent of his time is spending to be a Technician. Your life depends on gaining balance, do you understand that. So why are we then trying to be a Technicians most of our times?

So you, who started your own business or planing to, should building it, to imagining, to dream, to Work On your business, Not In It.

​Have you ever been in situation that something just didn”t work in spite of all your efforts? I that case you should ask yourself: ” How could I do this differently”? ​​It”s that easy. I order to change something, you gotta change something. You, and only you is responsible what”s happening in your business, does it serve you, or not.

One more fact that hit the spot in me: If you are going to educate yourself just the hour in a day, over 5 years in your chosen field, in this case about how to run the small business, you can become an expert in it, and be far better than your competition. So, educate yourself. Life and world around us is changing so rapidly, so we have to inform ourselves about the changes.

If It Doesn”t Challenge You, It Won”t Change You

​It is self-evident that businesses, like people, are supposed to grow, and with growth, comes change. Instead, most businesses are operated according to what the owner wants as opposed to what the business needs.

Maybe you believe that a running your business is nothing more than an aggregate of the various types of work done in it, when in fact it is much more than that. If you are going to educate yourself about building your own business and build the right strategy in it, put on an automatic, your business can work for you. ​​Otherwise, if you want to work in a business, get a job in somebody else”s business! But don”t go to work in your own. So, if you ever thought about starting your own business, you just can”t play the role of Employee, start thinking today as an Employee and take some action NOW.

I know, you simply don”t know how to do it. For you to behave differently you would need to awaken the personalities who have been asleep within you for a long time – The Entrepreneur and The Manager. Everyone can do that, the matter is how badly you wanna to that, and how determined are you.

What if you start something and you fail, what to do in this case – “Start all over again – but differently this time”! You don”t wanna live on other”s people”s terms and conditions, you wanna create your own.  Focus on how big your business can be, not on how small should be. Stretch yourself!

Go Big

Any plan is better than no plan. Start planning today. Envision how your life would be if you run your own business. Define where you are now and where you wanna be, and what it takes along the way to make those dreams come true – and take actions. Because in the process of defining the future, the plan begins to shape itself to reality, both the reality of the world out there and the reality you are able to create in here.

Mature companies are started differently than all the rest. A Mature companies are founded on a broader perspective, an entrepreneurial perspective, a more intelligent point of view. About building a business that works not because of you, but without you. The Entrepreneurial person asks questions such as: “How must the business work?” The Technician”s person asks:” What work has to be done?”. Do you see the difference? In order to grow your business you must think like an Entrepreneur, not Technician.

If you are ever going to start your own business think about it like a one big product, separate from you. Your business must serve to other people. Why most businesses don”t suceed is because this same owners think that products they deliver is what matters, when is business and strategies by itself.

I hope that you will gain some value from this content, it helped me so much. It is such an eye opening book.

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To your success,



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