Personal Development

My name is Maja and I am 34-year-old singe Croatian girl living in Dublin Ireland. Came here to pursue my dreams, and so far I never regretted. Moreover, I finally enjoy my life now more than ever.

That is me

I will walk you through my personal development. I am very passionate about the reading books, especially self-help books, one that can take your life to the next level. I have learned a lot from books, not to mention how I changed, and my life changed since I”m reading. In a past, I”ve been totally different person. It took me good 2 years to shift my mindset and realize who am I, who are the other people, and what”s the purpose of all of this.

It opened my eyes. I became much more grounded. I have more faith in myself and bad days are now behind me. I cannot stress enough how much reading is important, It can shift your mindset.

Every book that I read, I will make post review about the book in interesting and educating way. You don”t even have to buy the book, I will describe everything what resonated with me. If you decide to buy your own copy, I will be inserted in posts link where you can purchase your copy over Amazon site with just one click.

Happy reading!

Thanks for joining me!

It always seems impossible until It”s done


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